Kind Man Sees 69YO Aunty Celebrating Her Birthday Alone In A Restaurant, So He Pays For Her Meal


Birthdays are supposed to be a joyous occasion.

You’re surrounded by friends and family who love you enough to pretend that they care about celebrating the anniversary of your birth with a cake.

It’s the one day of the year where you’re allowed to be a little narcissistic and bask in the attention and praise that everyone’s giving you.

But what if you have no one to celebrate your birthday with?

Kind Man Sees 69YO Aunty Celebrating Her Birthday Alone In A Restaurant, So He Pays For Her Meal

Sadly, that’s what one 69-year-old woman in Anshan, China experienced on her birthday.

The woman, Aunty Wang, has no living relatives except for her 90-year-old mother and son. Her mother, presumably due to her age, cannot move freely, while her son was working in Kunming, far away from where she was.

So, with no one to celebrate her birthday, she decided to go to a restaurant to have a meal on her own.

In the restaurant, she ordered two dishes and had brought along a small birthday cake to commemorate the occasion.

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That sounds bad enough, but according to Sina, her husband had passed away over 30 years ago, leaving her to bring her son up alone since he was seven years old.

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During her meal, she recorded a short video for her son, saying, “This is your mother’s last birthday starting with a 6, I had really hoped that you would be able to accompany me during my birthday. I miss you so much. I hope during my next birthday when I’m 70 years old you can accompany me.”

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The video was taken with the help of one of the waiters, who started tearing up after hearing her speech.

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What this poor woman didn’t know was that there was another man seated behind her who had overheard the woman’s speech in her video as well.

The onlooker was so touched by the video that when he had to pay for his meal, he paid for Aunty Wang’s meal as well.

He then approached Aunty Wang’s table and said “Happy birthday aunty and wishing you good health.”

Didn’t want to tell Aunty Wang

The restaurant owner later said that the man, who was so moved by Aunty Wang’s video, insisted on paying for her meal even though the owner offered to give her a free one.

The kind man also told the restaurant staff not to tell Aunty Wang that he was the one who paid for her meal.

Is this a man or an angel?

But when the young man walked past Aunty Wang, the owner informed her that he had paid for her meal.

Aunty Wang refused to accept and wanted to pay the young man back, but he just said that her son would definitely accompany her next year and left.

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One of her happiest meals

Aunty Wang later explained that she wanted to go to Kunming and live with her son but had to stay back in Anshan to take care of her 90-year-old mother.

She added that what was initially a sad and lonely birthday turned into a memorable day, because of the young man’s sweet deed.


She even said that that it was one of the happiest meals she’s had.

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This just shows how a little kindness can go a long way. What was supposed to be a depressing birthday turned out to be one of her “happiest meals” all because of one little deed.

After her meal, Aunty Wang called her son and told him about the young man’s kind deed.

After a prolonged silence, the son said “This should be something that I’m supposed to do but someone else did it on my behalf. I’m really grateful to them.”

We’re certainly grateful too. We can all learn a thing or two from this young man.

Show everyone a little kindness, reader, because it might just make someone’s day.