An HDB Flat Has So Many Cockroaches That ‘Hundreds’ of Them Crawled Out From Its Potted Plants


Whenever we see a cockroach—and god forbid if that thing flies—we will always whip out our trusty Baygon and spray that sucker until it drowns.

Now imagine that you’re a neighbour living next to an infamous hoarder, whose house has been the breeding ground for cockroaches for years.

You aim the insecticide at the offensive potted plant in the corridor and squeeze the nozzle, and lo and behold, more than a hundred cockroaches come skittering out.

By that point, you need a hazmat suit and those industrial pesticide smoking machines, because that’s not just a small problem anymore, it’s an infestation.

Dubbed The Cockroach House

In King George’s Avenue Block 804, there is one three-room flat where a tenant in his 60s lives.

It used to be inhabited by a pair of brothers, but these days, it’s mostly the home to the older brother, according to a female neighbour who was interviewed by the Shin Min Daily News.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with him, except he’s kind of a kleptomaniac; his neighbours would often witness him pushing a trolley of rubbish that he had found and keeping it in his flat.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure sums the situation up pretty accurately.

However, the hoarding quickly became an issue for everyone living in his vicinity because his house became the prime breeding grounds for cockroaches.

In fact, the infestation got so bad that the cockroaches would frequently crawl into the neighbours’ flats, and they had fittingly named his unit the “cockroach house”.

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The Extent of Hoarding

The female neighbour also told the Chinese newspaper reporters that when their block was undergoing toilet upgrading works in 2017, the man had opened the door to his house and the neighbours managed to catch a glimpse of just how bad his hoarding was.

She said that the workers cleared two to three truckloads of rubbish from his house at that time, but she believes that his house is full of junk again.

Madam, be more confident and take the “believe” out of your sentence: it’s been five years since the last cleansing, and we’ve all been on COVID-19-related lockdowns.

Another neighbour by the surname of Wang stated that despite his best efforts to clean his corridor every day, there would still be cockroaches outside the door.

Um, not the sight you want to be greeted with every day you step out of the house or come home to, but I think if HDB flats weren’t that expensive, he would have moved out a long time ago.

Another 46-year-old neighbour only became aware of the cockroach infestation so close to his new home when he moved in four years ago.


He even describes that the elder consistently smelled of urine, and worries that his house is a fire hazard due to all the trash that has accumulated inside.

The Spray was a Mistake

One day, the female neighbour finally had enough.

She took out the bottle of insecticide that she recently bought and took aim at the man’s potted plants.

T’was a mistake.

Because to her absolute horror, more than a hundred cockroaches came crawling out.


I’m just going to go out a limb here and assume that the female neighbour probably emptied her entire bottle of insecticide after witnessing that sight.

She proceeded to leave the bottle there, hoping that its metallic existence could somehow kill the rest of the cockroaches.

Anyway, in the aftermath of the cockroach purging, the entire corridor was strewn with cockroach carcasses.

Fortunately for the neighbours though, the Jalan Besar Town Council has managed to persuade the man to clean both inside and outside of his flat.

Hopefully that will help with preventing any further cockroach infestations.

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Featured Images: Shin Min News Daily & Google Maps