Korean Actress Ku Hye Sun Allegedly Doesn’t Want To Divorce Because Husband Took Her Cat Away

There’s nothing like an ugly divorce to bring about pettiness mixed with a hint (or a lot) of craziness to the lives of an ex-couple, especially while they’re in the process of deciding “who gets what”.

Although no one marries their lover wanting to completely hate their guts in a few years’ time, sometimes, it’s bound to happen.

And unfortunately, that has been the case for Korean actress Ku Hye Sun, 34, who recently revealed that her husband, Ahn Jae Hyun, was seeking a divorce.

The Couple

32-year-old Ahn is an actor as well, and both of them met during the drama Blood in 2015 and got married in 2016.

Image: Allkpop

Their divorce has been really nasty, and really public as well, with both of them finding ways to attack each other via their social media accounts.

You can read more about it here.

But there’s been a new development.

Ku Can’t Divorce Ahn as He Took Her Cat

Ku has just announced on her latest Instagram post on 3 September 2019 that she refuses to divorce Ahn as he took away her cat, Anju.

Although Anju initially belonged to Ahn since 2014, he became one of the couple’s several family pets after their marriage.

“Anju. [The cat] has spent a longer time with me and is my pet. He didn’t properly feed or clean up after the cat’s poop a single time but announced our divorce and took the cat, so we cannot get divorced,” Ku told Soompi.

What a reason.

Image: Koreaboo

Oh, wait, after looking at this cat, it all makes perfect sense. Just look at that face.

She Even Has A New Book About It

Ku also recently announced that preorder sales for her new book have begun.

It seems to be somehow related to her cat custody dispute with Ahn because the book is called I Am Your Pet. Literally.

On Instagram, Ku said, “It’s a precious book in which I wrote about the times I spent together with [my pets] ‘Gamja, Soondae, Goonbam, Ssam, Mango, and Anju,’ my family whom I love.”

She continued, “Thank you for cheering me on. (Waiting for Anju to return…)”

Image: Instagram

Don’t ask me why the cat’s a different colour and shape now. Maybe it went on a diet and also dyed its fur.

Suspending Her Acting Career

Ku is also taking a break from acting and stepping out of show business completely.

Instead, she will be spending her time at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul.

According to Allkpop, Ku’s lawyer, Jung Kyung Suk, has said, “Goo Hye Sun will be taking an indefinite leave from the entertainment industry after the release of her essay collection I am Your Pet. She is currently preparing to go back to college.”

He also added that she still wishes to continue her marriage.

Really? Seems to me that she just wants the cat. Can’t blame her, the cat’s too cute.


Although celebrity drama is entertaining most of the time, fans are starting to hope that both of them will start to settle their issues on their own, and not on Instagram.

After all, it’s never too nice to wash your dirty laundry in public.

But it’s perfectly okay to post more images of Anju online.


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