Lady Jumped Out of Moving Car in PIE ‘Coz She Was Arguing with Husband

Image: Google Maps

It’s common sense for some drivers that you shouldn’t do, or think about, anything emotional as you’re driving.

After all, road rage, which instills anger in a person, leads to countless accidents, and cockroaches, which instills fear in a person, had caused an auntie to crash a red Mazda in Jurong East.

Which is why one shouldn’t argue when driving, because in this instance, the passenger was so angry that she leaped out of the car during a heated argument when the car is moving on…PIE.

Yes, PIE, the expressway that has a speed limit of 80kmh to 90kmh.

Here’s what happened.

Lady Jumped out of Car During Heated Argument

According to Lianhe Wanbao, on the second day of Chinese New Year, a 46-year-old lady was quarrelling with her 51-year-old husband when they were travelling on Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) towards Tuas.

When they were near the exit at Pasir Leba Camp at around 9+ a.m., the argument got so heated that the wife opened the door when the car was still moving and jumped out of the car.

For your info, that’s not an easy feat. Read on and you’ll understand.

The husband could not react in time and could only see his wife disappearing from his mirror. He immediately stopped the car and rushed to her.

Suffice to say, the injuries were pretty severe: when he approached his wife, she was bleeding from the head, which most likely was caused by the impact of falling on the road.

An ambulance then brought the wife to National University Hospital, whereby she also suffered bruises in other parts of her body and was warded.

The husband is now assisting the police in investigations.

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Opening Car Door At High Speed

Lest you’re not aware (because you’ve seen the GO-JEK viral video), if a car door is on auto-lock, you can still unlock the door from your seat—even if the car is moving.

However, when it’s moving at high speed, you’ll need a lot of energy to open it, as the wind is consistently pushing the car door.

According to someone who has tried it, due to the strong force of the wind, once the car door is opened when the car is moving, it’ll close by itself quickly as the wind would slam it shut.

In other words, for the wife to be able to open the door and even jump out of it, she would need to have used a lot of force (remember, when you open it, the wind will force it shut immediately) and jump out fast as the door would slam back quickly.

But seriously, just don’t do it, because you’re not just risking your own life but the lives of vehicles that are behind you.