Lady Allegedly ‘Threatened’ Jurong East Dog Water Park For Lifetime Memberships After Metal Gate Accident

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Buckle up guys, it’s time for another (wag &) wild ride with the latest pet scandal.

Image: GIPHY


Before we dive into the details, first a breakdown of the who’s who of this incident.

To begin, we have Wag & Wild.


Recently opened in July, it is the largest dog water park in Singapore to date with over 19,000 square feet of space—that’s about four basketball courts.

Then we have the dog owner and her husband, henceforth known as Mrs and Mr K.

Mr & Mrs K’s Defence

Last Thursday (Sep 3), Mrs K shared a now-deleted Facebook post about her visit to the water park on Aug 23 with her Labradoodle.

According to Mrs K, a metal gate slid out of its holding structure and fell to the ground.

Mrs K said that it was heavy, citing that “the metal gate took 3 adult men to lift up.” As a result, she suffered injuries on her back and arms (pictured below).

Image: Facebook

Following this, Mrs K mentioned that she received neither a proper response nor compensation of any form from Wag & Wild. Mrs K also indicated that they did not have a first aid kit within the premises to attend to the wounds.

“Overall, this was a very disappointing and an extremely dangerous experience, and I cannot in my good conscience recommend W&W to other fellow dog lovers”, she wrote.

Claiming that as she had tried to engage the Wag & Wild owners about compensation and was not confident that proper safety measures will be taken, she had decided to air her grievances on social media.

Image: Facebook (Wag & Wild)

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Wag & Wild’s Defence

On 5 Sep, Wag & Wild acknowledged and apologised for the incident to the people involved before proceeding to explain the efforts they have taken.

They added that “for additional reassurance, Wag & Wild has engaged a third-party Professional Engineer to verify that the roller gate is structurally safe with additional safety enhancements.”

Two precautionary measures were put in place for the gate: installing a stoppage structure to prevent the gate from unhinging, as well as a support beam.

Image: Facebook (Wag & Wild)

Image: Facebook (Wag & Wild)

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More Accusations

Unsatisfied with the lack of response from Wag & Wild, Mr K proceeded to post a comment on Wag & Wild’s Facebook post on Sep 6, writing that they almost killed his wife and dog.

He requested that Wag & Wild reply to his letter and text messages as they had yet to hear back from them.

This drew ire from the public who hoped for more action to be taken by the establishment.

Image: Facebook (Wag & Wild)



Hence on Sep 8, following growing concerns from the public, Wag & Wild attempted to clear the air with on a Facebook post.

Demanded Lifetime Memberships, Threatened To Go Public

Wag & Wild explained that they had been receiving queries about the incident and compensation that was to be extended to Mr and Mrs K.

They cited that upon the occurrence of the incident, the general manager arrived 45 minutes later to meet the affected customer. They had attempted to call for medical assistance which Mrs K declined.

The general manager offered to cover their medical bills and a complimentary unlimited 1-year free access for her family and the dog.

They claimed that Mrs K refused the offer as it was not enough and proceeded to request SGD10,000 in compensation.


The general manager explained it was not feasible and Mrs K requested to round back on the discussion afterwards.

Mrs K sent an email that night for a medical compensation of SGD233.50 with a request for demands including lifetime membership for their dog and a friend’s dog, and 2-hour annual private events for them and their invited friends.

These demands were estimated to reach SGD30,000.

She provided a deadline for the acceptance of their requests by 5pm, 31 Aug 2020. Wag & Wild indicated that they were not willing to negotiate.

Following the denial of the requests by Wag & Wild, Mrs K chose to post the experience online.


Wag & Wild has also requested via SMS on 31 Aug (time unstated), for Mrs K to share their bank account details so that they can foot Mrs K’s medical bill. They stated that Mrs K did not respond.

Additionally, Wag & Wild wrote that Mrs K sent an SMS on Aug 31 saying that “we note that you have taken measures at your end to rectify structural works and procedures at your end…” However, this conflicts their Facebook post on Sep 3 that “we do not have confidence that the company will be undertaking any proper measures.”

Wag & Wild ended the statement writing that they wanted to assure customers of the safety of the premises for the dogs and dog owners.


Head here to read the full post.

We refer to the incident involving the sliding gate outside the facility of Wag & Wild on the 23rd of August 2020 that…

Posted by Wag & Wild on Tuesday, 8 September 2020

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