Lamest Scam: Sign for a Mobile Plan, Give the Phone, Get $500 & Be Blacklisted Forever


People condemn scammers, but what they don’t realise is that being a scammer is pretty tough work.

They’ve a strict protocol to follow: think up something logical, find someone who will fall for it and boom: they got their victim.

But you see; that’s the problem. There have been so many scams that ideas are running out fast, and even people who believe that Earth is a square planet have wizened up.

And you know what follows?

Old, tried-and-tested methods they ‘hope’ nobody remembers.

Like this.

Image: Chloe Choong Facebook Page

Sounds interesting enough. $500 for an hour’s work? There are only two scenarios for that: a scam or being a toy boy for sugar grannies.

Thankfully, it’s a scam.

Image: Chloe Choong Facebook Page

The scammer’s proposal is pretty simple. Sign up with a telco (can be any) on a two-year contract for an iPhone 8, pass the person the phone and he/she will pass you $500 cash straight.

No bills for two years either; the scammer will ‘take care’ of it.

Fast. Convenient. Completely “legal”. I like. Let’s go.


Oh wait.

You’ll get blacklisted. So you can’t sign up for any of that Telco’s plans anymore.

No biggie; I never liked Starhub anyway. Too damn expensive and I just hate stars.

And then there’s just the tiny drawback of you violating at least 100 clauses in the midst, and inviting a potential court lawsuit.

Because I don’t think the scammer will pay your monthly bill through Giro.

Image: Starhub

Can’t read the clause? Here:

If you are late in paying or do not pay a bill for any Service, we may, at our discretion, suspend, restrict or terminate any of the Services that we provide to you and charge you administrative fees and/or late payment interest or fee as set out in Clause 2.5 above. In addition, we may, at our discretion, also require you to pay on demand all sums due under any other agreements or accounts you have with us. If we claim against you for failing to pay any bill, you are liable for all our legal, administrative and other costs.

And if you decide enough is enough halfway and apply for termination of your line, you will just have to pay up.

Like a lot more than what you got in the first place. A LOT MORE.

Hah, who’s scared? Hahahahahaha.



Red alert

We were alerted to this scam through Facebook user Chloe Choong‘s update.

She posted the screenshots on 22 September 2017 at around 9:54 p.m., and captioned it ‘Scams. Don’t fall for it!”

To date, it has garnered over 160 shares. Man, this should garner more shares.

I rate scammers high up on my ‘Most unethical tough jobs in the world that will make your mama proud’ list, and I think the example above showed exactly why.

I mean; even Mr Bean wouldn’t fall for it (probably).

But we are still putting it out because there might be Mr Bean 2.0s out there (may or may not include yours truly).


So share this post for the sake of your Einstein friends!

And on a completely related note, Ms Chloe here has done some serious scamming too.

She’s taken our hearts without paying a single cent.

Just take a look.

Image: Facebook (Chloe Choong)


Someone call the cops on her.


But please be gentle alright?

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Featured Image: Facebook (Chloe Choong)