Landlord Allegedly Locked Tenant in House After She Claimed That Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Were Missing


A leopard never changes its spots.

A conniving landlady who has allegedly duped 16 other victims won’t stop at the seventeenth.

Remember that landlady from a few months back, who would cheat her tenants of their deposit money, impose ridiculous rules, and chase them out before the contract is up?

Well, she’s back, fiercer than before, ever the Class-S biatch.

Same Recipe, Same Taste

The instigating incident that brought this piece of news to the Shin Min Daily News’ attention occurred on 30 June, at around 2pm.

The dispute happened in an apartment in Block 351D on Anchorvale Road.

The female tenant Ms Hua had called the Chinese newspaper’s hotline to report that the landlady had suddenly changed the mental door lock, causing her to be locked inside the room and unable to leave.

The 33-year-old interior designer said that she and her boyfriend had moved in on 15 April.

Later on, the landlord used the pretext of her relatives wanting to move in to ask the couple to move out by 30 June. The couple didn’t put up much of a fuss and agreed to the terms, and they have recently found a new place to reside in.

On the morning of 30 June, the couple started to pack up their belongings. After the boyfriend moved some of the luggage to the new apartment, he returned only to discover that the landlord had changed the lock.

“He couldn’t come in, and I couldn’t go out either,” Ms Hua said.


No matter how she and her boyfriend tried to persuade, the landlady refused to open the door. Since they were stuck at a literal deadlock, they could only call the police for help.

“But when the police arrived at the scene, she still refused to open the door. So I could only continue staying in the room.”

Ms Hua added that around 7pm, the landlord suddenly barged into the room to kick up a ruckus. In the midst of the dispute, the landlady injured Ms Hua’s head and scratched her arm, so she retaliated by grabbing her hair too.

Terrified, Ms Hua started shouting loudly for help. The neighbours close by heard her yells, and began contacting Shin Min Daily News as well.

Hello, shouldn’t you be calling the police instead of a newspaper hotline? A life is kind of at stake here?

After Ms Hua called her boyfriend for help in a hurry, he called the police.

The police—who are probably exasperated at this point—arrived at the scene again to mediate, alongside the medical staff.

When Ms Hua was interviewed by Shin Min Daily News the next day (1 July), she revealed that after she went for a check-up, she realised her right hand was fractured, and she believes it was a result of the previous day’s altercation.

She hopes that by sharing her story, other people can avoid falling into the same trap as them.

Tenant: Landlady Blocked The Door For Three Hours

Apparently, this landlady has some serious tenacity, though not in a good way, because she stood at the door for three hours, not letting the female tenant to leave, or letting anyone inside.


Ms Hua recounted that when she tried to leave at the start, the landlady blocked the door directly. Erstwhile, her boyfriend would be trying to push open the wooden door through the metal door.

Alas, it was to no avail as the landlady would just shove back hard, refusing to let Ms Hua’s boyfriend through the wooden door.

Just thinking about the configuration of this confrontation… It’s weirder than fiction, that’s for sure.

At least she was smart enough to get a chair to sit down later.

Image: Shin Min Daily News (新明日报)

It was only until around 7pm where Ms Hua and the landlady got into a physical fight. Once the neighbours heard the commotion, they came over immediately to knock on the door, but the landlady ignored them as well.

It was only when the police came over for the second time that the landlady finally opened the door.


Honest question: why didn’t the landlady just let the female tenant leave? Like, what does she stand to gain in trapping one person in?

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Landlady: Keys Taken Away, Thousands of Dollars Missing

When the landlady was asked why she locked the door, the landlady stated that someone took away her keys, and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The female tenant denies these claims.

Ms Hua’s boyfriend, a 33-year-old engineer Mr Zhang, smiled in a helpless and bitter manner, before saying, “How could her house have so much money?”

As for the claim that they took the keys, Ms Hua’s explanation was that they hadn’t moved out fully. Once they were done moving out, they would definitely return the keys; they didn’t take it simply because they could.


When the reporter questioned the landlady again, she replied, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

Yeah, she hasn’t changed.

Still petty and salty as ever.

16 Victims and Counting

Such incidents regarding this particular unit have been exposed by various tenants online many times, and 16 people and counting have suffered.

This isn’t the first time this landlord had a dispute with her tenants.

Just a few months back, Shin Min Daily News had reported about one Mr Qiu, who was similarly driven out on the grounds that she was selling the house.

Except, he was far unluckier as his deposit was confiscated.

Afterwards, he joined a WeChat Group that had more than 16 people, all of whom had gone through similar experiences.


Seriously, someone needs to strike this unit off the renting list, it’s getting a tad bit ridiculous. 

On the other hand, these victims can form a support group for abusive landlords? Or play Fight the Landlord, that’s a pretty popular game.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News (新明日报)