Pasar Malam in Yishun Collapsed Due to Heavy Rain & Strong Winds


As some readers might be aware, Singapore’s weather is currently glitching in June due to two weather phenomena happening simultaneously called La Nina and Negative Indian Dipole.

They are both characterised by intense winds blowing across the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean respectively, bringing about cooler temperatures, an abundance of moisture and energy to form plenty of rainclouds in the Southeast Asia region.

Not that anyone in Singapore would complain about colder temperatures, especially when we’re sweating like horn dogs in the heat.

However, the wet weather doesn’t always bring glad tidings.

Pasar Malam at Yishun Avenue 10 Collapses

Strong winds might be favourable conditions for ships to set sail, but they’re definitely terrible for makeshift tents as it took out the awning of the pasar malam at Yishun Avenue 10.

Well, half of it.


The pasar malam started in late May, and the stalls were made to close up their stalls early as their shelter collapsed around 2:45pm on 28 June.

Image: (Lim Kopi Corner)

Judging from the image above, it definitely wasn’t a pretty sight, and I’m fairly certain those classic orangish-yellow plus red stripes means that it was the fried foods stall.

Rest in pieces, Taiwan sausages and fried bananas, you have served our calorie intake well.

The tentage fell backwards and collapsed onto the pedestrian walkway, leaving the stall equipment to the mercy of the wind and rain.


Needless to say, it didn’t stand a chance. 

Image: (Ann Ariana)

When the rain finally stopped, another netizen managed to capture the wreckage from a higher vantage point.

A few people, who were standing near the downed stalls and talking, appear to be the owners themselves.

Image: (Chacun Meilleur Ami)
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The End of a Pasar Malam

Given that the storm had dismantled half of the pasar malam’s tentage, the organisers of the pasar malam probably took it as a sign that they should shut down their operations there for good.

By 6pm of the same day, most of the tent structure was removed, save the wooden plank base.

According to a security officer at the scene, one person was injured because of the collapse.

Some netizens are now blaming the organisers for not setting up the pasar malam’s tents properly, such that it couldn’t hold fort against the harsh weather, claiming that the stall owners should make the organisers compensate for their damaged equipment.

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Featured Images: Facebook (Lim Kopi Corner & Chacun Meilleur Ami)