Latest Dengue Cluster Map Shows Improvement In The East But It Has Spread To Jurong

Singapore is safe from most natural disasters because we’re like the gem in an oyster.

With Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines as our shell.

But there are three things we are not safe from:

  • Haze
  • Our own stupidity

Just watch this video to understand:

  • And Dengue

Especially Dengue

As of 15 Nov 2019, there are 14,272 reported dengue cases in Singapore this year.

Pretty scary, especially when you consider that four months ago, the number of reported cases stands at 7,483.

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And it’s poised to increase even further, considering that the NEA has detected a 32% increase in the adult Aedes aegypti mosquito population in Singapore.

And a 55% increase in the detection of Aedes aegypti larval habitats found in homes between Sep and Oct 2019.

Highest Amount Of Dengue Deaths Since 2007

Most people might’ve thought of Dengue as an annoyance. It sucks but it can’t kill

They’re wrong.

Dengue can kill, especially elderly patients and those with concurrent medical conditions.

In the most recent report on Dengue cases back in Sep 2019, 15 people have died from Dengue.

That’s the highest number of deaths since 2007, where 24 people died.

So we got curious.

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What does the Dengue cluster map look like now?

Here’s What It Looked Like Before:

Screengrab of the map taken on 17 Jul 2019 / Image: NEA

On 17 Jul 2019, there are 48 clusters in the red zone scattered all around the island. Bad news for Easties, seems like it’s really concentrated nearer to the east of Singapore.

And Here’s What It Looks Like Now:

Screengrab of the map taken on 18 Nov 2019 / Image: NEA

First, some good news: It seems like the East of Singapore has drastically improved in terms of the Dengue situation.

But the dengue clusters seemed to have spread to the west, even as far as Jurong West St 61. Which, if you’re familiar with the area, is the last residential area before everything becomes industrial.

The central area and Woodlands, however, has improved really drastically.

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18 Red Alert Dengue Clusters

The number of red alert clusters has dropped from 48 to 18.

Here are the areas (and if you’re living in the area, it might be good to have some mosquito patches on hand):

  • Choa Chu Kang Ave 2 /CCK Ave 3 /CCK Ave 4 / Hong San Walk
  • Jln Grisek / Jln Kembangan / Jln Krian / Jln Lapang / Jln Sayang / Jln Selamat / Jln Senang / Jln Sentosa / Jln Senyum / Jln Waringin / Waringin Pk
  • Jurong West St 61 / Jurong West St 65
  • Elias Rd / Pasir Ris Ave / Pasir Ris Hts / Pasir Ris Ln / Pasir Ris Rd / Pasir Ris Ter / Pasir Ris Way / Riverina Cres / Riverina View
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd / Jln Tenaga
  • Jln Chermai / Jln Kenarah / Jln Keruing / Jln Lakum / Jln Pelajau / Jln Redop / Jln Rengas / Jln Selaseh / Kelulut Hill / Seletar Cres / Seletar Ct / Seletar Hills Dr / Seletar Rd / Seletar Rd (Seletar Park Residence, The Greenwich)
  • Begonia Ln, Ter / Mimosa Cres, Rd, View / Saraca Dr, Pl, Rd, Ter, View, Walk
  • Bt Mugliston / Gerald Cres, Dr, Ter / Gerald Dr (Seletar Springs Condo) / Jln Kechubong / Mugliston Gdns, Pk, Walk
  • Rivervale Cres (Blk 148, 150, 152, 185A, 185C) / Rivervale Dr (Blk 186A, 186B, 186C, 186D, 187A, 188A, 188B, 188C, 189C,191B, 192A, 192B)
  • Jurong East St 13 / Jurong East St 13
  • Loyang Ave (Loyang Valley)
  • Chuan Hoe Ave / Parry Ave / Parry Rd / Parry View / Parry Walk / Sandilands Rd
  • Sunrise Ave, Dr, Ln, Ter, Way / Sunrise Ave (Sunrise Gdns)
  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
  • Fajar Rd / Saujana Rd
  • Jln Senang / Senang Cres
  • Rivervale Cres / Rivervale Dr
  • Charlton Rd / Hougang St 11 / Hougang St 11

There are a total of 91 Dengue clusters detected in Singapore, which you can refer here for the full list.

So Stay Safe & Do Your Part

Don’t skimp on the mozzie wipeout. Even a single person not doing it could lead to another person’s death.



And, of course, stop treating NEA’s gravitraps (which is designed to combat Dengue) as ashtrays.

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