Latest: The Popular Don Quijote is going to open at Orchard Central. Here’s What you Should Know

Most, if not all of you would’ve heard the awesome news about Don Quijote, the bizarrely wonderful Japanese store coming to Singapore.

I don’t know about you but I’m hoping to get my hand on one cross-dressing dress. Just for curiosity’s sake 😉 #NothingButTheTruth

But here’s something else you got to know! The exact location of the new store and when it’ll open for business.

A Two-Storey Mega-Store in Orchard Central Basement


According to 8Days, Don Quijote will be opening its very first outlet in SEA in Orchard Central.

And it’s going to be a 2-floor store in the basement levels!

Imagine the beautiful chaos; I’m imagining a Bugis Street within Orchard Central liao! Full of little knick-knacks (sometimes R21 if the censorship committee never got to them), jumbo sized and limited ed. snacks, it’ll be like Dollar-Value, Daiso and Isetan combined into one. 

And because the founder is going to be here in Singapore (retired and as an advisor), you can expect the most authentic shopping experience outside what you can get in Japan.

Expected to Complete Construction by Nov 2017


While it isn’t known when the store will open or even what goods will be sold within, it is expected that the store will be completed by November 2017.

Given the excitement for the store, you can safely guess that operations will begin soon after completion #FingersCrossed #HopeIHaventJinxedIt

And here’s a more exciting piece of news: if Don Quijote’s first store is a huge success, they’re planning to open a second store at Liang Court. 

I can’t wait to get myself a face-slimming mask ;D God knows I need it.

What about you?

And since you’re here, check out some of the weird and interesting things sold in the Japan outlets in this video:


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