Don Quijote Is Opening Their First SEA Store In S’pore. Here’re 7 Facts You Should Know!


If you have been to Japan, you would definitely have passed by Don Quijote, a Japanese discount chain that is known to sell their items at a heavily discounted price, as well as opening till nights – some even for 24 hours.

And guess what? They are finally going to open their first-ever overseas store in Singapore! 

Here are some facts you’ll need to know about Don Quijote, and what you can expect from its store here in Singapore!

1. The stores are extremely popular in Japan

With over 160 stores in Japan and 3 overseas stores in Hawaii, the discount chain store has made its mark in becoming one of the most popular and widely-frequented stores in Japan. Don Quijote is also known for the distinctive song, ‘Miracle Shopping’, that plays in its stores!

2. The first SEA store in Singapore

Singapore will be the holding space for its first-ever SEA overseas store. And the best part? You can also expect cool Japanese products here as well! Pan Pacific International Holdings will be the Singapore-based holding company for the group’s overseas operations.

3. It might open for 24 hours

Don Quijote is popular for having a wide range of goods at low prices in their stores. More importantly, many people also love how it opens late into the night, with some stores open 24 hours! Who knows? This might become the next Mustafa!

4. The store is rumoured to be opening at Orchard Road

In a media release, it was announced that the store is slated for the Orchard Road area. However, the opening date has not been confirmed!

5. They have wide variety of products for sale!

From food, snacks, cosmetic, souvenirs, cooking ingredients, cosplay costume, fashion items, electronic to travel items, they really do have everything for sale in the stores!

6. It has some of the cutest and weirdest beauty products 

Going to Don Quijote is like visiting Japan all in one store. They sell the cutest and weirdest beauty products and some of them includes:

Face Slimming Mask

Anti Knee Ageing Cream

And even a Nose Straightener!

7. And also some other quirky products you’ll never imagine you can find 

The amount of things in this store is insane! 

Michael Jackson masks

Onesie tights


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