Lee Jinglei Wrote Another Long Letter, Saying Wang Leehom Once Tried to Barge into their Home with Three Other Men

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Just when you thought that the Wang Leehom Saga can finally end with the arrival of the New Year, especially since it has dragged out long enough, the persons involved decided that, no it’s not.

But before we get into the new developments of Lee Jinglei’s most recent exposure of Wang Leehom’s sins, you can watch the summary of the entire saga if you’re not properly caught up yet:

YouTube video

YouTube video

Lee Jinglei’s Long New Essay

After weeks of silence through the endless barrage of rumours about her soon-to-be ex-husband’s previous affairs with BY2’s Yumi, or the allegations of controlling wife in all aspects of his life by a netizen, be it his finances, work, or children, Lee Jinglei finally came out with her side of the story.

And might I say as a preface, that it has very little to do with all the sordid affair rumours floating about.

It is merely the perspective of an exhausted mother trying to protect her children from the societal backlash of their father’s mistakes and the rumour-filled storm their imminent divorce has caused.

Lee Jinglei Actually Wants Wang Leehom to Visit their Children

One of the many allegations that Wang Leehom laid against Lee Jinglei early in the entire soap opera was that she refused to allow him to see their children.

However, Lee Jinglei overturns this misconception very quickly by stating:

“For this period of time, we have remained the same, counting down the days to when our father would return together, discussing what we would do together when our father gets home.”

She explains that because of Wang Leehom’s recent work commitments in America, the time zone differences made it difficult to keep a stable line of communication, but Wang Leehom was slated to come home and visit the children very soon.

For the sake of ensuring that their children wouldn’t be disappointed in the end, she asked him when he would be returning, to which he belatedly replied that she should go and ask the American facilitator instead.

Which in all honesty, is quite strange: it is your work schedule, and you have assistants, why should your wife be obliged to ask a complete stranger when you should rationally have the answers?

Later at 12:30am that night, Lee Jinglei receives a message that the facilitator forwarded from Wang Leehom, the contents stating that he would be returning home with two workers that the children were familiar with.

Understandably, Lee Jinglei was less than pleased, feeling that this arrangement was not in the children’s best interest.

She writes back to him: “We welcome you alone to return home, please do not bring anyone else back home. Because the reality is that the children aren’t familiar with any of your workers. Our personal lives have no intersections with the workers, the children have only heard of you mentioning their names, they have never played or interacted with them, so in the eyes of the children, the workers are strangers. I believe that the children’s time with you can be kept private so that they can feel at ease, there’s no need for anyone to come to our house to supervise.”


Lee Jinglei and the Children Feeling Threatened

However, despite Lee Jinglei disagreeing with the arrangement of bringing unfamiliar people back to their home, Wang Leehom sticks to his decision and does it anyway.

Early the next morning, he rings the doorbell with the two men by his side.

Lee Jinglei tells the two men to leave because in the agreement that she and Wang Leehom signed, mutual consent was required before anyone could be brought along for the children’s visitations.

But Wang Leehom refuses to budge, saying that if he wasn’t allowed to bring the two men with him, he would leave without even seeing the children.

By this point, the children are already awake and excited to welcome their father home. Lee Jinglei doesn’t want to disappoint them, so she pleads with Wang Leehom to stay.

He then makes an even stranger request, telling Lee Jinglei to turn off the children’s surveillance cameras before allowing him inside the house.


Of course, this alarmed Lee Jinglei: if there was something that might bring harm to Wang Leehom, wouldn’t the surveillance cameras help to protect him too?

Starting to feel afraid, Lee Jinglei went to check the surveillance footage only to realise that Wang Leehom had lied about only bringing two men, because she could see another unknown and unfamiliar face standing further away.

As this revelation sets in, Wang Leehom then intends on barging into the house by using the key, but fortunately there were locks inside of the house.

The door starts rattling with a violence as he tries to force his way in, his actions scaring the children to tears as they play witness to everything.

Lee Jinglei, on the other hand, has never felt more terrified because she was home alone with three children and one maid, they couldn’t possibly stand a chance against four mature men if they managed to get in.


Throughout her post, she also emphasises how much mental stress she had been placed under, since she has to raise their children while expending all her energy to gather evidence to refute his baseless and false claims.

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A Shattered Façade, An Unsound Father

Besides the frightening incident, there are more details to Lee Jinglei’s essay.

Once more, she refutes the claims that she has been a controlling wife that refuses to let him have time with his children, stating that she had always arranged for Wang Leehom to have a video call with their children every single day.

Any one beside her can prove this point.

In spite of that, Wang Leehom continues to tell the people around him that he misses his children, that she strictly regulates the call and time he has with them, even going as far as saying that he didn’t get to hold them for more than ten minutes.


But conceiving these rumours was not the most hurtful thing that Wang Leehom has done.

What shook up Lee Jinglei the most was that Wang Leehom had used their children just for the sake of cleaning up his own reputation.

“In one video call, you clearly knew that there were reporters downstairs. You tried to persuade the children to follow you to the first floor, telling the children that the reporters are downstairs taking photos, but that’s alright, Daddy isn’t afraid, all of you should let them take [the photos]. For the sake of redeeming your own reputation, you can disregard the children’s safety and situation; you’re willing to do anything, is that it?

“Without obtaining my or the children’s permission, you took a 7-minute video conversation that you had with the children in private, and sent it to unrelated people without any reason (I questioned you about it, you didn’t say the reason either), exposing the children’s appearances and privacy on your own accord.”

All Lee Jinglei Wishes for is her Children’s Safety

Prior to the 7-minute video conversation, their children’s appearances had never appeared in public because the couple had always been careful about it.


They never had to suffer any threats or harassment because no one knew that their parents were the famous Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei from the rumour mills.

Yet, in one decision—that had been publicly condemned because it endangered the children—Wang Leehom completely disregarded his children’s safety just to show that he had a loving relationship with his children.

More importantly, Lee Jinglei wants to tell everyone that the person who jeopardised the safety and well-being of their children, simply for the sake of slandering her character, was not her or anyone else, but Wang Leehom and his father.

In her heart-breaking statement, she opines, “These are words that no mother would be willing to admit to, but now I realise that having a father with an unhealthy mindset is more terrifying than an absent father.”

In the end, as a mother, all Lee Jinglei hopes for now is that their children can get out of the storm they had been dragged into and return back to their peaceful lives.


Towards Wang Leehom, she wishes that he can wake up and recognise that his conduct has been irresponsible and reckless, and for him to seek professional help for his unsound mind if need be.

Final Words

At the end of her long essay, Lee Jinglei clarifies that she has never asked Wang Leehom for more than what is necessary for child support.

She states that specifically requesting a female caretaker who can stay for a few nights, a maid, and a chauffeur, were originally part of the staff that was necessary to ensure their children’s general well-being, safety, and proper upbringing.

This host of staff’s first and foremost priority has always been to protect the children and give them a better quality of life and education. These staff weren’t taken away from him simply because he decided to live his life alone.

Lastly, she wishes to see all of these rumours about him and his ‘bosom friend’ stop, because it has been three weeks and it has gone far enough.



A messy divorce with child custody involved has never been pretty, to say nothing of when it involves a famous person in showbiz, but Lee Jinglei is right…

Leave the children out of it.

Let there be closure. 

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