Tourist Threatened With $120K Lawsuit for Negative Review of Thai Resort


What are some of the negative experiences one could possibly have while staying at a resort? For a start, here’s a few:

  • Bad sanitisation
  • Infestation of bugs
  • Poor service

And what can you do if you’re unsatisfied with your getaway trip?

Some would naturally want to go and speak directly to the front desk. If that didn’t go well, others might choose to write a negative review.

That was exactly what one tourist did. But instead of getting a refund, the tourist was threatened with a lawsuit instead.

Tourist Left Negative Review of Thai resort on Agoda

On 19 Dec last year, one tourist by the name of Khing left a not-so-nice review on Agoda.

Lest you’ve forgotten because you’ve not travelled for 87 years, Agoda is an online travel agency for vacations, hotels, and flights.

After staying at a Thai resort for a night, she rated her stay there a “6 out of 10”. Primarily, she felt that the experience there was not worth the high price.

Khing described the view from the room as “just okay”. On top of that, the tourist mentioned the room did not look as new.

Seems like a case of mismatched expectations vs reality.

Moreover, the tourist continued to recount her unpleasant experience. Khing alleged that she was unable to call the reception from her room. As such, she had to walk down by herself.

Apparently, some staff members who were on night shift were also not helpful.


To be fair, she did say that some were welcoming.

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Resort Threatened Tourist with S$120K Lawsuit

In response to the negative review, the management of the resort has hit back with a lawsuit.

To be specific, the tourist was threatened with a three million baht defamation lawsuit.

That amounts to approximately S$120,000.

A Facebook post was published on 7 Jan by Sittra Biabangkerd, secretary-general of the Lawyers for the People Foundation. Khing was his client.

Apparently, Khing was ordered by the Thai resort to take down the negative review with immediate effect.

Furthermore, the resort also requested that Khing publish an apology in a newspaper for seven consecutive days.

If Khing was not agreeable to the proposed terms and conditions, she will be required to pay approximately S$2,000 per day in compensation on top of the three million baht.


It’s still unknown what would happen next, but suffice to say, we all know how it’ll end.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Sittra Biabangkerd)