Lee Jinglei Posted ‘Last Letter’ & Explained Why She Did the Wang Leehom Exposé

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When Wang Leehom made a U-turn and apologised publicly, we all thought we won’t be seeing his name in the headlines (and in MRT trains) anymore; after all, he did make good his promise by heading back to Taiwan after the saga started.

If you’ve confused over why Wang needed to apologise, watch this video whereby we summarise everything that has happened so far:

YouTube video

Yesterday, his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, suddenly posted another 3-page letter on her Weibo and Instagram accounts, and I bet Wang was worried for a few seconds before he realised that it was…an apology letter.

Yes, this saga might really be ending with two apologies instead.

Wang Leehom’s Ex-Wife Posted ‘Last Letter’ & Explained Why She Did the Exposé

In the new letter, Lee started off with saying that she hoped that this letter would put an end to this long-running saga and everyone could return back to their peaceful life.

Long-running? She must not have heard of the WP Saga.

In the first part of the letter, she explained why she had decided to do the exposé instead of settling their differences privately. She had wanted to do so but Wang hasn’t apologised to her sincerely, and admitted that she was willing to let the situation escalate to this point just for an apology from Wang.

To her, an apology from Wang is important because if one doesn’t do so, he will continue to blame others and will be unwilling to change.

She then moved on to talk about her children, saying that she was willing to air Wang’s misdeeds publicly at the expense of the children because they can’t only promote a perfect image of the parents, and doing so would allow them to know that parents can make mistake, too.

She then addressed the allegations that the entire saga was orchestrated for money—she wouldn’t be suing Lee as she claimed she would since Wang has apologised.

Despite receiving a house, she won’t be taking it so as to show that she’s, indeed, not here for the money.

Nevertheless, she has faith that the law will be fair and that she would receive whatever she deserves from the divorce.

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Apologising to Innocent Parties Who Had Been Involved

In the final part of the letter, she apologised to innocent parties who have been dragged into the incident, and hope that the end of this saga will bring closure. She, however, did not mention any names.

There was no mention of Vivian Hsu and BY2’s Yumi, who were dragged into the saga but haven’t had their names cleared by Lee.

She ended off by saying that she hoped people would return to their peaceful life and be the change they want to see.


You can read the full letter here:


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