Vivian Hsu Losing Brand Deals Even When She Insisted Again That She’s Not a Third Party in Wang Leehom Scandal

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If you’ve spent a significant amount of time on the interweb, you’d know that we netizens have a lot of free time.

Take the Wang Leehom scandal.

Ever since his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, accused him of multiple infidelities, netizens have been digging and digging in the hopes of uncovering the identities of his mystery lovers.

If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a video that summarises everything:

YouTube video

Soon, rumours started circulating on Weibo that Wang had inappropriate relationships with singer Vivian Hsu, Christine Fan and Blackie Chen.

On Tuesday (21 Dec), Lee put some of these rumours to rest by clarifying that neither Chen nor Fan have had “inappropriate relations” with Wang.

But some fans, who read between lines for a living, noticed that she didn’t rule out Vivian Hsu as a possible lover of Wang’s. 

Hsu has since responded twice to the allegations by saying she’s not involved in any way, and even threatened legal action.

Now, she’s published a third social media post on the issue.

Defending her Reputation

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (22 Dec), Hsu reiterated that she’s not a third party in Wang and Lee’s troubled marriage, and even explained why she has responded several times.

“People say that by making these statements, I am further confirming the rumours. Buckets of dirty water have been splashed on me,” she said.

“As a woman, as a wife and as a mother, how can I not stand up and defend my reputation?”

Hsu added that the allegations have severely affected her family as well.

“It has caused my family and me to endure destructive internet attacks, slander, fabrications, and malice. I feel heartache and helplessness. I must stand up again and clarify what I did not do and defend my reputation,” she wrote.

“This is my third and last statement. I will not repeat myself again. If there is any further follow-up, I will entrust it to the legal system,” she said. 



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Hsu’s Husband Believes Her

Hsu’s husband Sean Lee publicly stated yesterday that he believes his wife when she said she wasn’t involved with Wang.

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According to Taiwan News, Lee said he trusts Hsu and called for all harassment, slander, insults, and cyberbullying to stop: “I will not allow anyone to harm her and our family again,” he said.

Despite her many denials, it seems Hsu’s professional life has been impacted as well.

At least one brand – an eyewear brand – was seen covering up an advertisement of theirs featuring Hsu with another banner.

A real estate agency that recently signed Hsu also turned off the messaging function on their Facebook page while another brand, which sells chicken essence, has also scrubbed their posts of Hsu.


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