43% of S’poreans Will Travel Less by Air Even After COVID-19 Pandemic is Over

As Singapore’s economy gradually opens up, Singapore is now keen to establish air travel bubble arrangements with other countries.

While this is good news for those who have been deprived of breathing in overseas air, others remain cautious over the idea of travelling abroad.

According to the Passenger Confidence Tracker survey commissioned by satellite communications firm Inmarsat, 8 in 10 respondents mentioned that their travel habits will change as a result of Covid-19, with 41% planning to travel less frequently by any means.

More Than 40% of People in Singapore Expect to Travel Less Frequently Even After Covid-19

The global survey had 9,500 respondents across 12 countries including UK, US, Germany, Australia, South Korea and Singapore participating.

About 2,500 of the survey’s respondents were from the Asia-Pacific region. Out of which, 500 were from Singapore.

The survey had 18 questions, some of which include whether respondents considered places such as restaurants or public transport more or less risky than flying, and how satisfied they were with airlines’ response to the pandemic.

Based on the findings, 43% of respondents here in Singapore said they expect to travel less frequently by air, while 47% said they would travel less by any means of transport.

Similarly, for other Asia countries such as South Korea, 35% of the respondents do not expect to fly again until the pandemic is over.

While people over here remain cautious, Hungarian and British fliers were among those who feel more confident about travelling.

47% of the respondents expect to feel ready to fly within the next six months.

Reduce Contact Points in Flights is of Main Concern

Though travelling remains an open option for some, many are particular about the contact points in flights which might increase the chances of virus’ transmission.

In short, respondents would like to reduce as much interaction with other travellers as possible when they are up in the air.

83% of the respondents want contactless inflight payments, while 88% would like to have more empty seats in between each passenger to practise safe distancing.

70% of People in Singapore More Fearful of Catching the Virus While Abroad

70% of the people in Singapore are generally more fearful of catching the virus while abroad as compared to the rest of the region.

Aside from that, 72% of the people here feel that the idea of having to quarantine themselves for up to two weeks upon arrival is also one of the reasons why they prefer not to travel. #truestory

While most are taking a wait and see approach when it comes to travelling overseas, the news about the first shipment of Covid-19 vaccine which might reach as early as 2021 may just be a confidence booster.

Featured Image: beeboys / Shutterstock.com