LG Has a New Phone That Has a Swivelling Screen That Doesn’t Really Make Sense

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Ah, smartphones. What would I do without you?

My hands will itch if I don’t swipe you to see my Instagram notifications. My mind will be in a mess if I don’t watch that cat video which garnered 1 million hits on YouTube.

Phone makers love people like me. The one who can’t keep my phone away.

And so, they develop more interesting models to keep me motivated to switch to a new phone.

Like how Samsung came up with the Galaxy Fold, where one can finally fold their phones just like how people close their books after reading.

Image: Samsung

Yep, now I can see my cat appearing on both screens.

LG also took up the challenge and created something that’s entirely different from others.

They unravelled a teaser about this revolutionary invention yesterday, September 14, to a worldwide audience:

The phone’s name? LG Wing.

Image: LG.com

The Explorer Project

LG Wing is the first product to be launched under the company’s Explorer project.

So, what’s this Explorer Project?

During their research gathering stage, the peeps from LG noticed that the general trend about phones upgrades is that it comes with minimal changes. So things like changing the camera to a higher pixel, introducing a wider range of colours were considered as V2, 3, 4….

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They realised that consumers want something totally new and fresh, and so they decided to explore new boundaries, so as to breathe new life into smartphones.

Thus, came about the creation of LG Wing.

Swivelling mechanism

The interesting function which LG Wing emphasises is its swivelling mechanism.

Say goodbye to those days where you have to do this while playing Counter-Strike on your left monitor, and texting your friends at the same time using your right monitor.

Image: Giphy

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The phone comes with two different screens.

Image: LG.com


You can twist the second screen of the phone so that it swivels and forms a T shape.

So while watching your YouTube videos, you can also check your emails, update your calendar, things like that.

The phone’s double lock structure ensures that the screens are stable when you swivel. It is also to make sure that the screens are sturdy enough to withstand the daily usage of the swivelling mechanism.

Image: YouTube (LG)

The apps can be viewed both vertically and horizontally, whichever is suitable for your needs.


Perfect for multi-taskers eh?

Triple camera, with a front camera that pops up

For those who often use their phones to snap photos, take note.

LG Wing comes with three rear cameras and a 32MP pop-up front camera which will automatically retract if it detects a fall.

The rear camera consists of a 12MP ultra-wide big pixel camera, a 64MP ultra-high-resolution camera and a 13MP ultra-wide camera.

Image: LG.com


Image: LG.com

And if the phone really does fall onto the ground, take heart that it’s really durable.

The LG Wing reportedly went through 200,000 durability tests.

Image: YouTube (LG)

Gimbal Motion Camera

LG Wing’s camera is highly suitable for video recording as it comes with the Instant Gimbal Camera software that ensures the highest resolution for videos.


What’s more, is that the phone comes with a Joystick function where you can control the screen without touching the main display.

Image: LG.com

According to The Verge, LG Wing will be released in the US on Verizon first, followed by AT&T and T-Mobile. LG has not announced the price and release date for the product yet.


For those who are keen to find out more about this innovative project by LG, you can check out this website.

So, does the LG Wing’s swivelling screen makes sense to you yet? If it doesn’t, you’re probably a boomer like my editor who only uses his phone for WhatsApp and phone calls.

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