Li Ronghao Responds to Allegations That He Cheated on Rainie Yang

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If there’s a couple that everyone definitely ships in the world of Chinese Pop, it’s Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao.

With just a little over three decades of experience in the entertainment industry shared between the couple, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of people out there who are avid fans of the couple.

Since tying the knot in September 2019, the couple has been living apart from each other, with Li in China and Yang being based in Taiwan.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out soon after they got married, making them unable to travel often to visit each other.

So when the allegations about Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao cheating on his wife, Taiwanese singer-actress broke out, many fans were naturally shocked.

However, it seems like all is well for the couple as of now, and Li Ronghao has since stepped out to address these baseless rumours.

The Divorce Rumour

On 25 April, a Chinese paparazzi site posted a claim that Li, 36, was in the process of divorcing Yang, 37.

The reason for their divorce? She found out that he was having an affair with Chinese singer Jike Junyi, 33.

Li Ronghao’s Response

To many fans’ relief, Li stepped out to address the issue yesterday (27 April) evening, proving that the rumours being spread around were untrue after all.

He wrote on Chinese social media platform Weibo, “There are still people making up nonsense and rumours at this juncture of the pandemic. Don’t worry, we have collated the evidence and the lawyers are handling the matter.”

Yang also supported her husband by sharing Li’s post just a few minutes after he posted it.

She wrote in her caption, “I am not angry. The rumours are so fake that no one will believe them.”

Jike Junyi and Yang’s Friendship

Jike Junyi, who made her debut in the Chinese entertainment scene after being crowned the second runner-up of the first season of the singing reality show, The Voice Of China (2012), also spoke up on Weibo.

She wrote a simple “It’s fake” on her Weibo account, and Yang soon left a comment with a “hug” emoji.

Both Jike and Yang participated in the second season of Sisters Who Make Waves, a Chinese reality show that invites celebrities aged 30 and above to participate in a girl group survival show.

During the filming of the show, Jike mentioned to Yang that she used to be attracted to Li, to the point where her phone wallpaper was a photo of Li.


Jike then added that Li’s marriage to Yang signalled the end of her infatuation with him.

In response to that, Yang said that Jike was a “practical woman”.

Yang’s participation in the show, which was filmed in January 2021, also gave the couple a chance to reunite as filming took place in mainland China.

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Li and Yang’s Relationship 

As for one of C-Pop’s favourite couples, it seems like their marriage is still as sweet as ever.

Just last week on 23 April, it was revealed on Chinese social media that the couple had donated various supplies to the people of Shanghai, as the Chinese city has been experiencing yet another severe wave of COVID-19 cases.

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