A Simple Hack for Girls Who Love Wearing Off-shoulder Tops

Image: Youtube.com/Refinery29 


Girls, who love wearing off-shoulder tops, you will get what I mean.

You know the feeling when you lift up your hands and your off-shoulder top starts riding up and you have to spend half a day trying to pull your top-up?

And the feeling where you have to stay so goddamn restricted with every action you make throughout the day all in the name of beauty?

Well, if you have been experiencing these problems, this video will save your life.

In the video, the best method to keep your off-shoulder tops OFF the shoulder would be to insert two safety pins at the end of the rubber bands, before pinning it to the both ends of your top.

Yup. Just like this.

offshoulderhack (1) Yes, you might feel something in between your armpits when you wear your top, but one thing for sure is that it will save you a hell lot of trouble when you move around throughout the day.


I know it certainly helped me with my off-shoulder problem, and I’m already on my way to implement this on all of my tops. This is seriously life-changing, guys.

But just one last thing to take note of – remember to take these safety pins off before you place your top into the washing machine because these safety pins might rust and would stain your clothes.

You can thank us later!

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