LiHo Staff Allegedly Made Fun of Customer Who Ordered 130% Sugar; LiHo has Responded

I know what you’re thinking: there’s a 130% sugar level for bubble tea?

I didn’t know that either.

It turns out that there is, so okay, I’ll take note of that when I really need a sugar rush.

But two LiHo staff members decided to do more than that: they allegedly made fun of the customer’s order in front of her.

Here are the deets.

LiHo Staff Allegedly Made Fun of Customer Who Ordered 130% Sugar

According to Facebook user Nellysha Adelynna, two staff members from LiHo in Compass One were having fun at the expense of her order.

Here’s the Facebook post:

Since it’s tl;dr, here’s a summary in point form:

  • Nellysha requires lots of sugar as she’s anemic, so she ordered her usual order of “jasmine green tea large and sugar level 130%”
  • Two female staff members who were making the drink made fun of the order. They allegedly looked at Nellysha and said among themselves while laughing, “130%? Omg!”
  • One of them said, “Nevermind lah! She will die from diabetes.”
  • The other poured a little of the 130% sugar drink into a separate cup and let her colleague tried it. The colleague took a sip and immediately “vomited it out and laughed.”

Needless to say, the post has gone extremely viral, getting more than 2K shares in a day.

LiHo Has Responded

With such strong allegations, LiHo has to respond.

And respond they did, on the same platform that got the incident viral: Facebook.

Here’s their response (so far):

Lest you can’t read, here’s what’s written:

Dear LiHO TEA customers,

It has come to our knowledge that there was a complaint posted by a customer via Facebook on 13 February 2020 in relation to our staff and customer service at the CompassOne LiHO outlet.

We take all complaints and feedback seriously and are investigating the issue. If it is found that our staff are indeed guilty of the behaviour stated in the Facebook post, we will take the necessary disciplinary action against them. It is against LiHO TEA’s policy to condone any rude and/or discriminatory behaviour.

Customer service and quality assurance is our utmost priority, and we will take further steps to ensure that customer service across all our outlets are improved.

We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves, and welcome all feedback to be sent to us at [email protected].


In other words, got reply like no reply lah.

But this incident had me thinking: what’s the highest percentage the sugar level can go? I’ve always thought that 100% is the maximum.

Guess I’m not a bubble tea expert after all.

And if you want to be one, you can watch this video about bubble tea:

Still doesn’t explain what’s the highest sugar level.