LiHO Going to Open 20 Outlets in Hong Kong. Shouldn’t They Be Called Lei Hou?


Li Ho—known for their cheese teas—has expanded beyond the sunny shores of Singapore with the opening of two outlets in Hong Kong.

According to Yahoo! News, the first outlet will be opened today in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long district and the second store will open on 1 Nov in Kwun Tong.

Image: LiHO Hong Kong Facebook Page

They are also looking to open 20 more outlets in the next five years.

Wah, 20 seh.

I am happy to hear a Singaporean brand is extending its presence on foreign lands but wouldn’t it be apt if they renamed the brand to Lei Hou for their Hong Kong outlets?

For those who are lost

Here is a little tidbit: LiHO 哩喝 means “how are you” in Hokkien.

In Singapore, it is common for the non-Chinese to pick up a few slangs from the Chinese, not limited to vulgarities, of course!

The company also wanted to show that despite being a multiracial country, everyone knows the meaning of LiHo as it is used colloquially.

So every time you greet someone, you will think of cheese tea.

Good marketing tactic

Now, if LiHO wanted to use the marketing direction, they would have changed its moniker for its Hong Kong outlets.

Lei Hou is commonly used as a greeting term in Cantonese, along the lines of hello and how are you.


Cantonese is the dominant Chinese variant spoken among people in Hong Kong, so it makes sense for them to name it Lei Ho.

This will help them come together and it will be seen as a “Hong Kong” brand which is great for business.

A foreign brand will be easier to assimilate into the market if it resonates with the locals.

Maybe instead of cheese, they can start incorporating egg custards on top of their teas, since they are known for their egg tarts.


Or maybe have some dim sum with that? 😀

But hey, we’re not LiHO. Just a suggestion #justsaying

They might be opening their outlets in Japan, Korea and London in the near future. Maybe they should name the stores, “Kon’nichiwa”, “Annyeonghaseyo” and “All,Right?” respectively.

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Featured Image: LiHO Hong Kong Facebook Page