Video Shows The Danger of Sitting With Legs on Car Dashboard

How do you normally sit when you’re being driven around in the front passenger seat?

It all depends on who is the driver. If you’re in a GrabShare or GrabHitch, you’ll be sitting normally.

How about if you’re in your partner’s car? Where you’re able to do anything you want (assuming your hubby is henpecked).

Sit back and relax with your feet on the dashboard?

Image: Chattanooga Fire Department Facebook Page

That might not be such a good idea.

The Mythbusters Did A Study Of Car Collision In That Position

Last year, Discovery Facebook page uploaded a video of the consequences of meeting an accident in that seating position.

First, they showed the consequences of a low-speed collision

When the airbag burst out, you can see the entire leg contorting in a way no legs are supposed to.

Ohh, nasty.

Then they tried a high-speed collision with both legs on the dashboard

The dummy was made by a professional synthetic cadaver to simulate a real human body.

Look at the elongation of the right ankle.

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Now, imagine that that was your leg.

How about both feet against the dashboard?

Your legs are explosively hit away from the dashboard and head hitting against the airbag.

So what are the consequences?

You’re looking at broken bones and a bedridden life for a long, long time.

But hey, at least it’s survivable, according to the video.

Here’s the full video if you’re interested:

All images from Discovery Facebook Page unless otherwise stated.