Woman Had to Rush to TTS Hospital After a Cockroach Crawled into Her Ear


When we see a cockroach, we have a few typical reactions.

Freaking run away, scream, or fetch the Baygon and spray that sucker until it drowns.

Or maybe all three, not necessarily in that order.

You can watch this video to understand why we fear cockroaches:

Got A Cockroach In Her Ear

Now, imagine you’re just sleeping peacefully in your bed when a six-legged, hairy creature crawls inside your ear.

Because that was the nightmare that one Nadia Lim woke up to.


On Wednesday (20 Jul), 21-year-old undergraduate Nadia Lim uploaded a TikTok video that shared this horrifying experience she had.

The video starts off with her in the bedroom, after she has killed the cockroach that is now in her ear.

Then, it changes to a slightly shaky perspective of her making her way to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, at 7am in the morning.

Image: tiktok.com (@nadia.limzq)

Girl, bless your soul, seriously.

In the video caption, she relates the entire story, “[The cockroach] was on the bed next to my ear so I whacked it”, adding that the pest “died” inside her.

To be extra certain that the cockroach was indeed dead, she even replied to one of the comments saying that she power washed her ear with a liquid but it was initially alive.

The 14-second video also has a clip of how the doctors expertly removed the cockroach from Lim’s ear.

Image: tiktok.com (@nadia.limzq)

In the video description, she writes, “So f***king painful. I almost fainted when the doctor pulled out the severed body of the cockroach [by] its feelers out of my ears.”

It was so nasty that Lim even felt like puking.

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Netizens’ Response

The video has since garnered over 343,800 views and 480 comments.

The comment sections were filled with a lot of capitalised “NOOOOO” and faces of horror after the TikTok users watched Lim’s entire ordeal.

Image: tiktok.com

The most well-liked comment reads, “New fear unlocked, are [you] kidding.”

Sadly, Nadia Lim isn’t kidding, and she probably wishes she was.

The next commenter remarks, “Time to cover my head with a plastic bag before I sleep.”


Even if it’s for a sense of security, it’s not worth suffocating yourself, dude. Maybe use headphones or ear buds instead? They’re equally effective, even if it leaves your mouth exposed…

Then, another user tries to be funny by saying, “It was tryna whisper to you”, and the next person jokingly adds, “[A] lullaby maybe?”

The skittering noise is probably the worst kind of music to use when trying to lull a person to sleep.

There were a few other horror stories as well, like how one commenter had a “French kiss” with a cockroach, or another who had a fly going up their nose.

Neither are pleasant to hear or think about; it’s just fodder for nightmares at this point.

In the event a creepy crawler does end up in your ear though, please do not use a sharp instrument to remove it, or pour liquid or oil into your ears or nose, as you may risk agitating the bug.


Not an outcome anyone wants.

It’s recommended that you should consult an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist instead if the bug burrows deeper into your ear canal, just to veer on the safe side.

Sleep safe, readers.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@nadia.limzq)


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