Lin Chi-ling Seems Happy With New Marriage; Reportedly Going to Stay in LA

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For those who’ve been living under a cave for the last couple of months, yes, it has happened.

Lin Chi-ling is now married, and effectively off the market.

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But before you throw up some wise, old quote like “Just because there’s a goalkeeper doesn’t mean I can’t score”, well here’s a heads up.

According to reports, Lin Chi-ling seems satisfied with her new married life…

And the couple might even stay in Los Angeles. Permanently.

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Lin Chi-ling Is Reportedly Going to Stay in LA

By now, you would surely have heard of Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling’s surprise wedding announcement on 6 June, when she revealed the good news alongside her new hubby, Japanese singer-actor Akira, on their respective social media platforms.

Image: Lin Chi-ling/Instagram, Akira/Instagram

But hey, you know media outlets.

They’re constantly hangry for more news.

And so it came as no real surprise that after the wedding revelation, reports started churning out: the couple’s believed to have gone on honeymoon in the United States after registering their marriage.

What’s more, they might actually be based in Los Angeles, a notion that would definitely fall in line with what Akira said in an interview earlier this year: the EXILE member had previously shared that he wants to “be based in Los Angeles, brush up on my language skills and improve myself”.

However, Netizens have yet to witness the couple in public, a notion that has raised doubts about the credibility of the reports.

What’s credible, however, is that the new bride certainly seems to be happy in her marriage

According to Toggle, the couple returned from their week-long holiday and soon returned to work.

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And on 19 June, Chi-ling made an appearance at an event in England, where she spoke fleetingly to the media. Oh and also, she was positively glowing.

Image: Toggle

Seemingly glowing from her recent honeymoon, she smiled throughout the entire event and looked to be in a very good mood. Whenever someone paused to congratulate her on her marriage, she’d pause ever so briefly to thank them.

And when asked about her feelings on becoming a married woman, she reportedly said:

“I feel very good, and happy!”.

Well, that certainly seems to be a blissfully married woman to me, alright.

In other related news, Akira reportedly returned to Tokyo, Japan for an event last Sunday (16 June).

He seems to be pretty happy about it too.

Much to the chagrin of Chi-ling fans, I’m sure.

But hey, let’s just sit back on this one and congratulate the married couple.

As long as they’re happy, nothing else matters.

Including our own happiness.