S’pore Car Caught Dumping Rubbish Out In M’sia & Did Not Stop Even After Being Confronted


In Singapore, littering is widely frowned upon offence, where first-time offenders can be fined up to $2,000.

For repeat offenders, they may be fined up to $2,000 and subject to Corrective Work Order (CWO), where litterbugs will be made to spend a few hours in a public space to pick up litter in bright jackets.

If that doesn’t drive the message home, sometimes local media are invited to cover the public spectacle, because humiliation is quite an effective punishment.

Singapore-Registered Car Littering in Malaysia

Thus, when a Singaporean-registered car was caught on camera, blatantly throwing out a whole bunch of trash in a Malaysian parking lot, people wondered if it was the return of the “Ugly Singaporeans”.

In a Tiktok video uploaded by @kevin.channel, which has garnered more than 137,200 views, it shows a Singapore-registered car throwing trash out of their window.

Image: tiktok.com (@kevin.channel)

Honestly, it’s an embarrassing sight, especially considering just how much garbage is lying on the asphalt road.

All the while, the video taker and presumably their family member gives a fitting commentary in Mandarin to give more context to the situation.

The 51-second video starts out with a startled laugh as the family member says, “Wow, [they are] still throwing.”

The video taker tells her audience to look at this Singapore-registered car who came to Malaysia to litter.

“Look at that. [You will] get fined in Singapore, but in Malaysia you won’t get penalised. Look at the amount of trash they threw, it’s a whole pile. What a disgrace, seriously.”

She later adds that her friend had told off the driver earlier—by which she probably means the man in a pink shirt who had just walked off—but apparently, that’s not enough to deter the driver from throwing more before driving away.

Image: tiktok.com (@kevin.channel)

In fact, throughout the entire video, the driver can be seen stretching out his hand to throw more litter twice.

The end result is messier than the leaves that a tree sheds on an extremely windy day.

The video taker says, “They are really throwing Singapore’s face (dignity/reputation). They couldn’t throw it in Singapore, so they came to Malaysia to throw it away. This person’s mentality is truly vile.”

Then she makes a few noises to convey her disgust, which is completely reasonable.

Just an FYI though, there are littering laws in Malaysia.


If an offender is caught littering in a public space, under Section 46 of the Street, Drainage, Building Act (SDBA) of 1974, they may be fined up to RM500 (S$155.89). Repeat offenders may be fined double the initial amount.

Granted, they are not as heavily enforced, nor is it as painful to the wallet, but they do exist. 

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The Netizens’ Reactions

Similar to the TikToker, the viewers voiced their disgust towards the driver’s behaviour as well.

Some netizens called them a “total disgrace”, clicking their tongues and shaking their heads.

One netizen joked about doing what the Romans do when in Rome, which is frankly, an appalling idiom to use because we should hold ourselves to higher standards as a civilised society.


However, quite a few people were doubting whether the driver was actually Singaporean.

Afterall, Singaporean Permanent Residents (PR) can also purchase Singaporean-registered cars, and plenty of them use those cars to drive back to Malaysia.

Image: tiktok.com

Most Singaporean commenters just want to disassociate themselves from the driver.

Which, fair, I don’t want to believe my fellow countryman is this shameless either.

How difficult is it to just find a spare plastic bag, put all your trash inside, then search for those huge green garbage bins along the road before disposing of it?

In any case, it was awfully disrespectful and irresponsible of the driver. Shame on them.


If you wish to watch the full TikTok video, you may click on this link.



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Featured Images: TikTok (@kevin.channel)