Local Actress, Who Offered a $5,000 Reward, Reunites With Dog That Sprinted Across Expressway


Dramatic Rescue: Actress’s Dog Safe After Fleeing Across Busy Singapore Expressway

Recent incidents, such as the Parry Avenue saga, have heightened concerns for dog owners when their pets go missing.

On 30 Nov, local model-actress and nurse Debra Loi experienced every pet owner’s nightmare.

Her dog, a white-blue Italian greyhound named Katsu, went missing around 9 am.

Image: Instagram (@iggy_katsu.kori)

Ms Loi’s mother was walking Katsu in a Kallang neighbourhood, with the dog securely leashed and harnessed.

However, an encounter with an off-leash dog from the neighbourhood startled Katsu, causing him to panic.

In a state of trauma, Katsu wriggled free as Ms Loi’s mother attempted to pick him up, bolting away at an astonishing speed.

Soon, Katsu was out of sight, leaving his owners in distress.

Search Operations Began

Ms. Loi, upon receiving the news from her mother, hurried to the scene and joined the search until about 9:30 am, after which they sought additional help.

Living in Kallang, with its proximity to highways, raised fears that Katsu might venture onto the dangerous roads.

Friends of Ms Loi and members of the public came together in a remarkable display of community spirit, aiding in the search for Katsu.

Sightings were reported along the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway and the Pan-Island Expressway.


One neighbour dedicatedly assisted in the search until 4 am, while another joined despite having a flight later that day – a testament to the strength of community bonds.

Despite these efforts, Katsu remained elusive, and the organised search was eventually called off.

However, Ms. Loi persisted in her efforts, resuming her search at 6:30 am the following day.

Turning to social media, Ms Loi offered a $5,000 reward for Katsu’s safe return, posting on various local animal group pages.

Image: Instagram (@iggy_katsu.kori)

This effort prompted the involvement of the Singapore Police Force and the Land Transport Authority, alerted by a volunteer named Keatty.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Animal and Veterinary Service were also informed.

The Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System recovery team started monitoring nearby areas, as Katsu posed a potential risk to motorists and vice versa.

Around 10 am, Ms Loi received a call from a driver, Ben, who had seen Katsu while driving on the PIE.

Image: Debra Loi

Ms Loi initially doubted the veracity of the news, as capturing an Italian greyhound, known for their exceptional speed, seemed nearly impossible.

Italian greyhounds, like Katsu, are renowned for their sprinting ability, reaching speeds of 40-45 miles per hour.


This was evident as Katsu was seen running along the expressway, keeping pace with the surrounding vehicles.

The drivers, including a police car, worked together to safely guide Katsu to the side of the expressway, as seen in the Tiktok video uploaded by a member present at the scene.

@kumarsorojitkumar♬ original sound – kumar Sorojit

Finally, Katsu was safely secured by the authorities and still had his leash and harness on.

The Traffic Police contacted Ms Loi shortly after the rescue, a moment captured and shared on social media.

Initially planning to collect Katsu from a nearby police station, Ms Loi was pleasantly surprised when the officers delivered Katsu to her home, located about 1km from the station.

The emotional reunion between Ms Loi and Katsu was shared on Instagram and TikTok, showing Ms Loi in tears as she embraced Katsu and expressed her gratitude to the officer who returned her beloved pet.

Image: Instagram (@debra_loi)

Mixed Reactions Online

The incident sparked a range of reactions online.

Some netizens questioned the involvement of the police and other authorities, deeming it excessive and a waste of resources.

Others speculated whether the reward money expedited the rescue.

Image: Instagram (@debra_loi)

Ms. Loi, in her post, apologised for the incident and acknowledged that finding lost dogs is not typically within the police’s remit.

However, she highlighted that the officers went above and beyond in ensuring the safety of both motorists and the animal.



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In response, many netizens praised the efficiency of the Singapore authorities and expressed their support and love for the rescue efforts.

Regarding the $5,000 reward, Ms Loi mentioned that someone did come forward.

However, considering the collective efforts in the rescue, she decided to donate the money to an animal shelter, acknowledging the significant contributions of all those involved.


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