Logan Paul vs KSI: 10 Facts About the Boxing Match That Occurs During Hungry Ghost Festival

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If you Google “Hungry Ghost Festival”, you’ll get this result:

And if you Google “Logan Paul vs KSI”, you’ll see this:

Yeah: The day that Logan Paul would fight against KSI is the exact date of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Most of you know what the Hungry Ghost Festival is, but Logan Paul? KSI? Are they spirits or what?

“Isn’t Logan Paul the YouTuber who posted a video of a corpse, got flamed online, apologized and then went on to taser a dead rat?” – Leon Chan, Goody Feed resident cat.

“Isn’t KSI a speaker brand?” – Leon Tan, Goody Feed resident dog.

Well, I know you’re confused and in the spirit of educating you more about how the YouTube scene works globally, here are 11 facts about the boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI.

And no, KSI isn’t a speaker.

Who is Logan Paul?

Many of us know Logan Paul through that video – in one of his vlogs, he saw a corpse in Japan, posted it online and shit hit the fan: he made a public apology, went off radar for a while and went back to his usual ways soon after.

What you might not know is that he’s one heck of a YouTuber: his earnings from his YouTube revenue, together with his merchandise brand and his mainstream media appearances, allegedly enabled him to buy a large mansion, a Mercedes, a Lambo and even support a team of content creators.

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You can say anything about him, but you can’t deny his success and his video quality: even our video team agrees that each of his single video is so high-quality, his production team could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars to create one.

And he used to post one video a day.

Nowadays, he’s cut back on the quantity, changing his daily vlogs to a whenever-I-feel-like-posting vlog, but even without the YouTube revenue, he’s still earning tons of money from his mech.

Without a doubt, his fanbase is still strong, with the 23-year-old having well over 18 million subscribers, and each video getting millions of views.

Who is KSI?

Contrary to popular beliefs (in the Goody Feed office), KSI isn’t a brand that makes speakers. Sorry to reiterate that but seriously, he’s not a speaker brand.

Think of him as the UK version of Logan Paul minus the controversies: You can say that he’s like PewDiePie with a British accent. The 25-year-old apparently has more subscribers than Logan Paul, with the latest number at 19 million.

So, what happened between these two YouTubers?

Before that, let’s understand a little bit more about the YouTube scene…globally.

The YouTube Scene Nowadays: Roasting Others, Reacting to Others and Boxing Others

If all you watch is NOC or Wah!Banana, then this might come as a surprise to you.

You see, the YouTube scene in Singapore is rather healthy: YouTubers do their own things, and sometimes even collaborate with each other.

Internationally, that’s not normal.

YouTuber A can post a video to roast YouTuber B, and then there’ll an online argument that went on for…videos. Usually it won’t go offline (because, you know, it’s not like one lives in Tampines and the other lives in Bedok), but it can get pretty nasty.

People are interested in these online spats because it’s supposedly real drama. To be honest I’m still not 100% certain if all these online arguments are real or not (they could have been fake just to get more eyeballs, kind of like wrestling), but it’s a fact that people would be tuned in – after all, Let’s Play or Prank videos are starting to lose steam.

Which leads to the next point: KSI’s first spat with another YouTuber, Joe Weller.

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KSI’s First Boxing Match

Last year, KSI had an online spat with fellow UK YouTuber Joe Weller. The spark of the argument was, well, pretty business-like: KSI left a gaming channel to focus on his own channel, and Joe Weller wasn’t happy. Insults then came raining down on each other, and eventually they agreed to settle their score: not online, but offline.

They went on to fight against one another in an amateur boxing match, also known as a white-collar boxing in which two individuals with no boxing experience come together to box each other in a modified boxing match.

The boxing match, which took place on 3 February 2018, garnered 1.6 million live viewers, and in total has about 23 million views. Reports also stated that the live views are much higher than a FA Cup Finals (WTF?!).

Other than that, all the 7,000 tickets, sold at USD$93 each, were unsurprisingly sold out.

You can watch the highlights below:

KSI Called out Logan Paul

Let’s face it: it was early 2018. Logan Paul was in every newspapers’ headlines for all the wrong reasons, but any publicity is good publicity. KSI of course had to namedrop Logan Paul during his victory speech.

Here, take a look. Skip to 26:46 if you’re just interested in Mr Paul.

The transcript of what started everything:

Host: You said you wanted to call someone out

KSI: Oh, well, well. I <inaudible) but right now, any YouTuber wants it, you can come get it. Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls, I don’t care. Bring it!

HAHA, did the host just reminded him of his lines?

Logan Paul Agreed to the Fight

21 days later, Logan Paul posted this video.

Well, to make things even more interesting, he agreed to the fight, but wanted his brother Jake Paul, who’s also a popular YouTuber, to fight with KSI’s brother Deji, who is a YouTuber as well.

KSI and Deji incidentally agreed. I meant, in WWF or WWE, when The Rock called out Stone Cold Steve Austin, Stone Cold would appear out of nowhere, right? Right?

No, I’m not implying that the fight is fake.

I’m implying that entertaining is real.

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Details of the Boxing Match

With both YouTubers in different countries, they had initially wanted to have a neutral setting – you know, like Singapore (or actually, it was mentioned that they liked Dubai). But eventually, they settled on the best-est solution ever.

Why not have two matches: one in the UK and on the US? Get more views, more ticket sales and more publicity, yo!

The first fight would be held on 25 August 2018 in Manchester Arena, Manchester, England at 8:30 p.m.

The second fight has yet to be confirmed, though it’s scheduled to be in February 2019. According to the signed contract, KSI’s company would take the profits of the UK fight while Logan Paul’s company would take the profits of the US fight.

Oh, so got profits one ah?

Got. A lot. Read on.

The Money Involved

For a start, each ticket would cost £30 to £100 (SGD$52 to SGD$175), but the meat of profits isn’t exactly from the ticket sales.

Instead, it’s from YouTube.

Unlike the previous fight between KSI and Joe Weller, this fight wouldn’t be free to watch online despite it being in YouTube: there would be a dedicated channel just for this fight, and it’ll cost £6 for people in the UK to watch or USD$8 for people in the US to watch.

It’s unknown whether it’ll be available globally at a price, but just think about it.

Imagine two million people watching it at USD$8 per person. That’s revenue of USD$16 million.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money. And remember, there are two fights.

The Complaints Come in, Of Course

KSI’s fight with Joe Weller is free; so why is this not free?

Truth to be told, I don’t know. All I know is that people are complaining online though from a business point of view, it makes perfect sense.

I for one would be willing to pay $10 to watch the match – and given that KSI and Logan Paul have been posting videos about the fight like they’re sponsored video, you can bet the anticipation and demand are high.

KSI even weighed in on this. He didn’t say that he wanted to make more money; here’s what he mentioned in Twitter: “The cost of the event itself is on another level to last time (the KSI vs Joe Weller fight). Plus the press conferences, weigh-in and making other content for the new channel, all adds up.”


Diss Tracks Before the Fight

What’s more interesting than dissing each other in a high-quality MV before the match? Not only would it bring in more publicity, it’s all in the name of content creation, too.

Here’s KSI’s version, with a fake Logan Paul:

Logan Paul has not made one, but his brother Jake Paul did one that’s not exactly a diss track, but a track that talks about being champion (no shit, Sherlock):

Is it just me, or Jake Paul sounds like Donald Duck?

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Controversies So Far

I say “so far” because I’m betting my boss’s car that there would be more controversies coming in. I mean, come on: their A&P funds are all allocated into controversies, so why not?

There have been a few press conferences that’s very unlike the ones you see on TV, and each of them can be a point by itself but let’s just focus on a few that people have been talking about:

  • Logan Paul accused the moderator of press conference being bias, and the moderator of course has to respond…in a YouTube video
  • Deji posted a video in which he told his viewers to fight the Paul brothers in a press conference; video was taken down by YouTube
  • Logan claimed that KSI said something that he shouldn’t have said in the press conference, according to their contract

Actually there are more. But seriously?

So, there you have it: 11 facts about the highly-anticipated fight that’s happening during Hungry Ghost Festival. Who’s hungry for the fight?

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