How Long Bak Kwa Can Last & Tips to Store It Properly


Last Updated on 2023-05-31 , 3:47 pm

Bak kwa is certainly not cheap.

Particularly, if you attempt to purchase bak kwa closer to the Chinese New Year period, you might be left wondering ‘how long can bak kwa last’ given that sellers ramp up their prices more than twice during this festive season.

Interestingly, this strategy contrasts sharply with that of CNY cookies, which tend to become cheaper as the CNY period approaches.

Just like us, you may feel you have no alternative but to succumb to these prices.

Why, though?

Because how could anyone forego bak kwa during CNY? It’s akin to having chicken rice minus the chicken. Certainly possible, but it certainly isn’t the real experience.


How Long Can Bak Kwa Last?

This question got us curious. Could it be feasible to buy bak kwa when it’s more affordable and preserve it till CNY? Imagine the advantages – buying bak kwa a month and a half before CNY at half the price and then enjoying it during the festival.

To get an accurate answer, we sought the expertise of the Singapore Food Agency, hoping to understand ‘how long can you keep bak kwa’.

Sadly, we were met with a disappointing 5 to 7 days for fresh BBQ bak kwa with no preservatives.

Image: SFA

How to Store Bak Kwa

In recent times, bak kwa packaging has evolved in unusual ways. To learn more, do check out this article on the unique bak kwa available in Singapore.


You may ask ‘how to store bak kwa’ and whether freezing them might prolong their shelf life.

The best method is to keep your bak kwa in the fridge (not the freezer unless you want frozen pork) if you’re not planning to consume them immediately.

The recommendation is to enjoy your bak kwa within seven days.

Always store bak kwa in a cool and dry location to prevent condensation and mould.

Therefore, ‘how long can bak kwa last in fridge’? Ideally, the best consumption period for fresh bak kwa is within a week.

Bak Kwa Can Keep How Long?

Despite these guidelines, there will always be individuals who like to push the boundaries and question the ‘bak kwa can keep how long’ notion. Take, for example, one of our office writers who has kept last year’s bak kwa in his home freezer.

He plans to take it out to see if it’s still safe to eat. We’re still trying to dissuade him from doing so. Follow us on Instagram and check back in a month to find out if he’s still in good health!

Can Mouldy Bak Kwa Be Eaten?

While this question wasn’t directly addressed, it’s always important to remember that food safety should be a top priority. If you notice any mould or other signs of spoilage, it’s best to err on the side of caution and discard the bak kwa.

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