It’s Back: Super Long Queues of People Coming Back to S’pore from JB on Sunday Night

If there’s a sight that we haven’t seen in a while, it’s probably the snaking queues at the land checkpoints between Malaysia and Singapore.

But it seems like watching armies of people try to cross the borders is no longer a thing of the past, as just yesterday (10 April), hundreds of people were seen queueing up to return to Singapore.

After looking at the photos in this Facebook post, you’ll probably get why I said that.

The land borders between Singapore and Malaysia fully reopened earlier this month on 1 April, allowing Malaysians and Singaporeans to drive across the causeway without needing to serve quarantine or undergo Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests.

Previously, the Malaysian government had warned travellers from both countries that there would be high volumes of traffic during the first week after the borders reopened.

However, yesterday (10 April) marked the second weekend since the reopening of both countries’ land borders, and it seems that the crowd trying to travel from Malaysia to Singapore (and vice versa) isn’t expected to get smaller anytime soon.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, there were large crowds observed at both the Woodlands and Tuas land checkpoints last night as many tried to rush back to Singapore before the work week started.

It apparently took travellers up to one hour at the checkpoints just to enter Singapore. The taxi stands and bus stops near both checkpoints were flooded with people as well.

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Over in Malaysia, the long queues even extended to the outside of the checkpoint premises.

Chen Jingyi, a Singaporean who just spent a weekend getaway in Malaysia, told Zaobao that she had visited Malaysia prior to the COVID-19 pandemic before. However, she noted that the queues at the checkpoints were not as long back then.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Malaysia-Singapore Border Crosses)