Lorry Driver in Lorry-Vs-Bicycle Case Sentenced to 7 Weeks’ Jail & Banned from Driving for 2 Years


I bet you didn’t see this coming.

Or did you?

In end-2018, a video went so viral that the name “Eric Cheung” became one of the most popular search terms back then.

If you’ve a memory of a goldfish, here’s a series of gifs to show you what happened:

Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)
Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)
Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg)

Soon after, shit hit the fan when both parties were bought in for questioning.

Eric Cheung Fined in April 2019

So basically, what happened on that fateful day was that the lorry driver, Teo Seng Tiong, overtook the cyclist. He then sounded his horn at the cyclist.

The cyclist, unhappy that he’s being provoked, struck the lorry’s side mirror which broke it.


According to Teo, he had allegedly swerved towards the cyclist after hearing a horn from a taxi next to him as he was too close to the taxi’s lane.

And as we know, it kind of ended there until the video went viral.

Eric Cheung, the cyclist, was fined $2,800 for committing mischief.

But you’re not here to know about the guy who has the same name as Bananaman. You’re here for Mr Teo Seng Tiong, and trust me, you won’t be shocked at just the verdict.

Lorry Driver Sentenced to 7 weeks’ jail, Fined S$500 & Banned from Driving for 2 Years

I can almost see your reaction.

Image: mrwgifs.com

Reason being, it seems like most netizens were on the lorry driver’s side. Also, he had mentioned that it wasn’t done on purpose; though you’d have to note that firstly, it’s his words and secondly, that not-on-purpose action could have cost someone’s life.

Nevertheless, he has been found guilty of causing hurt by rash driving, and also failing to make a police report within 24 hours of the accident.

For his charges, he’s sentenced to 7 weeks jail, fined $500 and banned for driving for 2 years.

Now, of course you’re wondering: why so serious?

Well, it turns out that Teo hasn’t always been a goody guy so far.

Lots of Offences in the Past

For a start, let’s look at Teo’s driving records. Since 2000, Teo has committed many traffic offences, like speeding, careless driving, failing to conform to a red-light signal and failing to give way to an approaching vehicle.

Wait, failing to conform to a red-light signal? I’m shocked he still has his driving licence.

And other than traffic offences, Teo has been charged for other serious offences as well: voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapon in 1988, an obscene act in 1993, affray in 1999, insulting a woman’s modesty in 2007 and voluntarily causing hurt in 2012..

In other words, he has hurt someone with a weapon before, did something obscene before, fought in a group before, molested a woman before and attacked someone with just his fist before.


Turns out Eric Cheung is not a bad human being after all.

Past Offences Taken Consideration But It’s All About Teo’s “Disproportionate” Reaction

Teo’s defence asked for just a fine, but District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt didn’t agree. He said the prosecution “had not given sufficient consideration to the deliberate and provocative acts of the cyclist in first blocking the accused then breaking the side mirror, notwithstanding that the accused’s reaction was disproportionate.”

Teo intends  to appeal against the conviction and sentence.

Well, at least he should be rather used to this kind of courtroom situation…no?

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