Louis Vuitton Selling Face Shield That Cost More Than $1,000; Can Be Worn As a Hat, Too

Everyone in Singapore could be sporting a toothbrush moustache right now and we’d never know unless we were eating at the same coffee shop.

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That’s because the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to cover the lower half of our faces.

And with more and more countries making it mandatory for their citizens to wear face masks in public, surgical masks are becoming a part of life, as well as a part of our face.

While we’ve been using these face masks to prevent spreading and contracting the coronavirus, these masks have a much more important function; making a fashion statement.

Louis Vuitton Selling Face Shield That Cost More Than $1,000; Can Be Worn As a Hat, Too

Are you tired of looking like an operating surgeon when you go for your morning walk?

Do you want to spend $1,000 on an absurd product so people around you know you’re rich?

Well, Louis Vutton might have a rather expensive solution for you.

According to Vanity Fair, LV is selling a high-fashion face shield as part of the label’s 2021 Cruise collection.

The new face shield, which will set you back US$961, will be available in stores worldwide on 30 October.

Here’s what it looks like:

Image: Louis Vutton

As you can see, it looks like a $5 face shield someone on Carousell might sell you, except it has the LV logo all over it.

According to Vanity Fair, the shield has an elastic monogrammed strap that goes around the wearer’s head, with a moveable shield attached by golden studs.

In case you want to get your money’s worth, which is unlikely considering you just bought a $1,000 face shield, you could also flip the shield upward to be worn as a peaked hat.

The shield is equipped with transition lens technology as well, so it can go from clear to dark depending on the level of sunlight.

LV describes the face shield as “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.”

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Most of us would be slamming our faces forcefully into our palms right now, but for those readers who have money spilling out of their butts, there’s a certain rule that you should remember before you purchase one of these shields:

Face Shields Cannot Be Worn in Place of Masks

As the health ministry reminded us in June, face shields cannot be worn in place of masks, as it was found to be less effective in reducing the risk of virus transmission.

“While face shields may provide some protection, the design of face shields typically leaves a gap between the face and the shield, which means that the wearer could still be depositing droplets. This is unlike masks”, explained Health Minister Gan Kim Yong.

Only certain groups will be allowed to wear face shields in place of face masks, including:

  • Children twelve years and below, who may have difficulty wearing and keeping face masks on for a prolonged period of time
  • Those with health conditions that may result in breathing or other medical difficulties when a mask is worn for a prolonged period of time
  • Those who are speaking to a group in a classroom or lecture-style setting, where they largely remain at the spot from which they are speaking, and are able to maintain a safe distance away from any other persons

They may, however, be worn on top of face masks, as an extra layer of protection for the eyes.

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Reader: No one will spend $1,000 on a face shield anyway, right?

You must not be acquainted with the human race, dear reader.


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