Study Shows That 3 Cups of Coffee a Day is Good For You

There are two types of people in the world—coffee drinkers and tea drinkers.

I belong to the former.

I know it sounds strange but my only motivation to get out of bed in the morning is coffee.


I will imagine sipping on a hot cuppa—that alone will make me jump out of my bed and hit the showers.

I used to drink coffee a lot, about four cups a day. But after my constant nagging from my mum, I have reduced to having it only once a day.

I mean coffee always had a bad rep, from making you all jittery to staining your pearlie whites.

But guess what, that rep will soon change because there is a new study claiming that three cups of coffee a day is actually good for you.





Robin Poole, a public health specialist at Britain’s University of Southampton led a research team in an “umbrella review” which suggests that people who drink three to four cups of coffee a day are more like to experience health benefits than those who abstain from it.

Okay, before you go huh?

Umbrella review is when you use a collection of already-done studies to get a clearer summary of diverse research on a particular topic.

The research collected evidence from more than 200 previous studies and found that coffee was linked to lower risks of dementia, diabetes, liver disease (cirrhosis of the liver) and even some cancers (prostate, skin, endometrial and liver).

It really looks like coffee is a miracle drink.


Coffee drinkers who drink three cups a day greatly reduce the chance of experiencing premature death as compared to non-coffee drinkers.

But before you start chugging on cups of coffee, Pool’s team mentioned that their review included mostly observational data.

No firm conclusions could be drawn about cause and effect but their findings support other recent studies pertaining to coffee intake.

I don’t know about you but I am going to grab a cuppa.

And for zombies who couldn’t last a day without at least three cups of coffee: you now know what to do.