Loving Husband Travels Over 100km Every Day To Sell Salted Fish To Support His Sick Wife

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Think you’re the best husband in the world because you buy prawn mee for your wife every morning without fail?

Well, great going, but think again. Because over in Johor, someone’s travelling 100km daily… not to buy prawn mee;

But to sell salted fish for the sake of his wife, who’s sick and bedridden.

Image: hihongahiga Twitter

And to top it all off?

He’s not exactly in the best condition himself, as he suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Loving Husband Travels Over 100km Every Day To Sell Salted Fish To Support His Sick Wife

Love is a strange thing. It can make you do the most compelling things, make you go to extreme lengths for someone other than yourself, and the weird thing about it all?

It’s sometimes not even reciprocated. Just ask the poor ones in the friend zone.

Image: Tenor

And really, there’s no better case to exemplify that notion, than this particular husband.

Travelling 100km every single day, up north to Melaka from his hometown in Johor, this elderly man wants just one thing:

To sell enough salted fish to support his bedridden wife.

Image: hihongahiga Twitter

Mr Md Zin Ahmad, who’s 64 years old this year, makes the journey every day by bus. And if you’ve taken long bus rides before, you’ll know one thing:

It’s not fun. Not fun at all.

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And to make things worse, this husband’s efforts aren’t rewarded every single day.


According to a Netizen, he once walked around a famous tourist destination in Melaka, only to get ignored by almost everyone.

Apparently, he was so fatigued and so desperate, that he actually resorted to shouting.

“I saw him going around the same place for a while. He even started shouting at one point, trying to get people to buy. Maybe he was tired,” a certain Aina said.

She also added that the uncle was sweating from all that walking around in the heat.

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His shirt was visibly drenched as well.

But there’s a silver lining in the clouds

Because the elderly man’s efforts, contrary to what he might think, didn’t go unnoticed. Not at all.


Back in late 2017, Twitter user Aya shared his encounter with Mr Md Zin at Melaka Sentral station shortly after the elderly arrived from Johor.

The tweet went on to garner over 34,000 shares and 10,000 likes. Translation as follows:

“This uncle comes to Melaka Sentral station every day from Muar, Johor. He sells salted fish to support his sick wife. He has received aid but it isn’t enough. He was so happy when I took his photo. He requested me to make his story go viral. 

“Come, netizens of Twitter who are courteous and virtuous.”


Viral Again in 2019

And more recently, on 3 Aug, Mr Md Zin’s story goes viral again, thanks to Twitter user Aina Wardina.

Her tweet, that has amassed over 25,700 retweets, can be translated as:

“For Allah, I want to help this uncle, his wife is sick. He comes to Dataran Pahlawan in Melaka every day. Everyone, support this uncle. Please retweet.”

And others chipped in to help too.


“Sometimes I see him at Dataran Pahlawan. I’ve seen him cry because no one cared about his sales. It’s pitiful but I can only give him what I can afford.”

“I’ve seen this uncle since I was in Form 1 in 2012, always selling salted fish. Until now, he’s still struggling for his wife. Please, somebody, help him or make a donation so that he doesn’t need to live through such hardship anymore 🙁

And one spoke what people perhaps most needed to hear:


That the salted fish is delicious.

Keen to help?

Well, you could always pay a trip to Melaka, and buy a couple of those delicious-looking salted fish snacks.


Alternatively, you can check out the original tweet here for details on how to make a personal donation via bank transfer.

In the end, though, it’s entirely up to you.

As such, I shall end off this article here, on a rather simple note:

Love knows no boundaries or limits.

And I’m pretty darn sure that Mr Md Zin has proved that notion correct.


You’re the man, Uncle!

We’re rooting for you!