Low Thia Khiang Responds to COP’s Final Report; Did Not Rule Out Returning to Politics


With the recent COP final report recommending sanctions for former WP MP Raeesah Khan and WP leaders Pritam Singh and Faisal Manap, WP seems to be navigating tough waters.

Former WP chief Low Thia Khiang has since responded to the final report, and to questions on whether he’ll come back to steer WP through this storm.

Not Ruling Out Possibility Of Coming Back, But WP Has Many Talents Too

Former Worker’s Party (WP) chief Mr Low stepped down as secretary-general in 2018 and as an Aljunied GRC MP in 2020. Given his pretty recent retirement, it is no surprise that many WP supporters have called him to return to politics to help WP.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News on 11 February, Mr Low said that he appreciated the residents who have called him to return, and said that he’ll only say more if the residents ask him. This means that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of coming back to politics.

However, he did say that there are many talents in the WP, so “there is no need to worry”.

WP’s Response to COP Report

The Committee of Privileges (COP) has recommended a fine of $35,000 for Ms Khan.

They also recommended Parliament to refer Mr Singh and Mr Faisal to the Public Prosecutor for investigations, to see if criminal proceedings should be instituted. This is because they determined that Mr Singh lied while giving evidence under oath which could amount to perjury, and Mr Faisal’s refusal to answer questions could amount to contempt of Parliament.

After the report was issued, Mr Singh posted on Facebook about how he and Mr Faisal could potentially lose their Parliamentary seats if they are fined $2,000 and above.

But it does not do well to dwell on the future, and the two will continue their work as Aljunied GRC MPs until a resolution is reached.

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On Saturday, Mr Singh shared a photo of himself, Mr Low, Hougang MP Dennis Tan and former Hougang MP Png Eng Huat attending a function held by residents of a Hougang condominium.

Mr Singh, Mr Faisal and WP’s chairman Sylvia Lim are expected to speak more about the COP report on 15 February during the Parliamentary debates, before MPs vote on whether to accept the recommendations.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News)