Since This Year, LTA Has Caught 26 People Who Rode Their E-Bikes Without Passing the Compulsory Test


Want to ride your e-bike on public paths? Did you take your test yet?

From the start of this year (yes, we’re in 2022 now), all e-bike riders must pass the Mandatory Theory Test to ride your bikes legally.

26 People Who Rode E-Bikes Illegally Were Caught

It has only been a week into 2022, but the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s enforcement officers certainly did not forsake their duties to celebrate the new year—in fact, they’ve already caught 26 people riding their e-bikes illegally.

In case you didn’t know, 2022 brought into effect a new requirement for all e-scooter and power-assisted bicycle users: they must pass the mandatory theory test to ride on public roads.

If you did not pass the test but decided to ride your e-bike anyway, you could be fined up to $2,000 and/or jailed for six months. And this is just for the first offence.

But good news: you can register to take the test online.

32/40 or 24/30 to Pass LTA’s Theory Test

The online theory test for power-assisted bicycles has 40 multiple-choice questions and has to be completed within 40 minutes. You need at least 32 correct answers to pass the test.

Meanwhile, the online theory test for e-scooters has 30 multiple-choice questions and has to be completed within 30 minutes. You need at least 24 correct answers to pass the test.

Singpass is required to take the test.

The questions in the tests are aimed at improving awareness of active mobility rules, safe riding practices, and the proper code of conduct.

Sure, these tests may seem like a waste of time and resources. But it’s for a good reason.

Errant E-bikers Caused Lots of Accidents in the Past 2 Years

And when I say lots, I mean a lot. 

E-bikes have slammed people to the ground. E-bikes have crashed into cars and vice versa. People have suffered great injuries and even death due to these e-bikes.

Even Facebook users have termed e-bikes a Menace to Society. Just look at the comments under any of LTA’s posts on e-bikes.

It is no wonder that LTA put their foot down and made the theory test compulsory for all, in an attempt to reduce the number of errant bikers.


After all, they’ve put more CCTVs at hotspots to catch errant bikers in 2019, rolled out registration and licenses for e-bikes in 2020, and started the theory tests in 2021. If making the test compulsory won’t stop those wild e-bikers, I don’t know what will.

Hopefully, with bikers forced to be aware of the proper way to ride, there’ll be fewer accidents in 2022.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving)