M1 New Mobile Data Upsize Plan Offers a Whopping 49GB in Total


If you’re someone who is always exceeding your data monthly plan’s limit with your current 4G data plan, this is good news for you.

M1 is introducing new data upsize addition to your plans.

Image: m1.com.sg

For as little as $5.90/month, M1 customers can add on additional data from 2GB to 12GB in the ‘Upsized Data’ addition. This is the best for data users who can’t stay off the social networking sites, internet surfing and WhatsApp. You won’t have to worry about exceeding your data and surf freely.

Image: m1.com.sg
Image: m1.com.sg

Worried that it’s still not enough? There is the ‘Upsized Data Plus’ which allows M1 customers to add on from 7GB to 37GB at $11.80/month. This way you can stop worrying about streaming all your videos on Netflix, download Korean dramas and watch all of them to your heart’s content even if you are out without Wi-Fi.

Image: m1.com.sg
Image: m1.com.sg

If the ‘Upsized Data Plus’ is still not enough for you, they have the ‘Upsized Data Super’ at $17.70/month where customers can add on from 6GB to 36GB to their plan. With this plan, you can even switch on personal hotspot for your friends when there is no available Wi-Fi nearby. Forget about sitting for hours in cafes just for their Wi-Fi.

All the upsized data bundles are available from today (12 November 2016) onwards. New, re-contracting and in-contract customers are eligible for this bundle.

To subscribe, you can choose to either activate via Manage My Account, via My M1 App or SMS the following to 1627

For Upsized Data ($5.90/month) – ‘act Upsize’
For Upsized Data Plus ($11.80/month) – ‘act UpsizePlus’
For Upsized Data Super ($17.70/month) – ‘act UpsizeSuper’


For more information do visit M1’s website!

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