5 Super Instagram-Worthy Mahjong Tiles Sets for a Good Swim in the Dry Pool


Last Updated on 2023-03-24 , 2:52 pm

Swimming in the dry pool (i.e. playing mahjong) is a great way to bring you and your friends closer together.

If you have been using your mahjong tiles for a long time, it’s time for a change. Here are some interesting ones because the green ones are so yesterday, you can’t feed your Instagram with them!

Gold Mahjong Tiles

Image: Shopee Singapore

For those who prefer the classics, this set of gold mahjong tiles is just right for you. The gold tiles will make you feel like a tai tai or a rich tycoon in a Hong Kong drama who is about to dominate a game of mahjong. 

It also comes with either an aluminium or leather suitcase to contain all your tiles. You could actually carry it out and use it to disguise as a businessman and nobody will know that mahjong tiles are inside.

Get yours on Shopee from S$91.

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Image: Shopee Singapore

The beauty of these tiles does not only lie in their cuteness but how portable and lightweight they are.

You can get it as a gift, or even purchase it for yourself so you can bring them out on occasions like a staycation or party.

Get yours on Shopee at S$64.90.

Line Bear

Image: Shopee Singapore

Here is another mini-sized mahjong set that is built for the convenience of carrying them around.

These bright yellow tiles will lift the mood of you and your guests as you compete through each exciting round of mahjong.


Get yours at S$64.90 on Shopee.

Pikachu Mahjong

Image: Shopee Singapore

Calling all the Pikachu fans out there, this set of mahjong tiles is to be added to your Pikachu merchandise collection.

Carry these tiles easily wherever you go as it is light, and portable, and the set comes with a handy yellow case too.

Get yours at S$68 on Shopee.

Hello Kitty Mahjong

Image: Shopee Singapore

Sanrio lovers will be thrilled at this pastel pink Hello Kitty-themed mahjong set. It comes with a sweet pink aluminium case with a kawaii picture of Hello Kitty on it.

Get yours on Shopee at S$128.