FDW Jailed After Stealing from Employer & Pawning The Items

If there’s one thing you probably shouldn’t ever do to your boss regardless of the situation, it’s that you shouldn’t steal from them. Ever.

But it seems like this one foreign domestic helper from the Philippines didn’t get the memo, for she was just sentenced to five months’ imprisonment for stealing from her employer.

According to Shin Min Daily News, a Filipino domestic helper by the name of Mary pleaded guilty to one count of theft on Thursday (9 June).

The 38-year-old was found to have stole items worth $8,406 from her employer.

Helper Started Working in 2018, Started Stealing in 2021

According to police investigations, Mary started working for her current employer in October 2018.

She carried out the thefts from February to December 2021.

The items she stole from her employer included a gold bar, five gold chains, two gold necklaces, a pendant, a mobile phone, a red packet that had $400 in it, a charger and an eyebrow pencil worth $1.

Employer Found Pawn Tickets

It was only until April this year when Mary’s employer found multiple pawn tickets that belonged to Mary.

After reading through the pawn tickets, her employer noticed that some of the items printed on the pawn tickets seemed familiar.

She then decided to check her room for those belongings and found out that those valuables were missing.

After that, she questioned Mary about where the valuables were.

Mary confessed to stealing and pawning them, prompting her employer to report her to not only her maid agency but also the police.

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Knew Where Employer Kept Valuables

Police investigations later found out that Mary knew about the places where her employer would keep and hide her valuable items at home.

Mary would then steal the items when doing housework before bringing them to the pawnshop.

After pawning the items, she would send the money earned back to her hometown.

Shin Min also added that the police has attempted to recover the valuables that Mary pawned at the pawnshop.

A majority of the items, apart from the gold bars, a gold chain and the red packet with the $400 have since been recovered.

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Featured Image: Dan Henson / Shutterstock.com