Neighbour Who Repeatedly Slammed Gates in the Morning Got His Karma in a TikTok Video

While there are definitely many nice neighbours around most of us across the island, it’s safe to say that there isn’t a shortage of “Neighbours from Hell” for some of us either.

But it seems like karma does work in special ways for these neighbours, at least based on this TikTok that recently went viral.

On 8 June, TikTok user @lingo6kl, who goes by Kay Ling, uploaded a clip of the CCTV footage outside of her house to TikTok.

In the video, an elderly man was captured unlocking his metal gate and banging it repeatedly towards Kay Ling’s unit for what seemed like no reason at all, causing a much-detested ruckus.

After swinging the metal gate against his neighbour’s a few times, the man decided to sit down and take off his shoes, one of the metal rods from his own gate loosened and fell onto him.

While Kay Ling did not indicate the exact reason behind the metal rod falling, it’s not hard to see why.

The man, now clearly confused, picked up the rod and placed it beside him as he continued to take off his shoes.

And it seems like it isn’t the first time that the neighbour has rammed his gates right into Kay Ling’s unit.

In the video’s caption, Kay Ling wrote in Chinese, “We get woken up by our “good” neighbour every day… I’ve always believed in karma.”

Netizens’ Reactions

Kay Ling’s TikTok video has attracted over 994,700 views, 25,800 likes and over 1372 comments thus far.

The majority of the comments came from TikTok users who were left amused at the man’s plight, and most of them said that he deserved it as well.

“He did it many times till the metal piece got loosen up,” a commenter said.

Other commenters also said that they would have retaliated if he was their neighbour.

However, there were also netizens who brought up how the fallen rod could have been dangerous.

“Lucky didn’t direct drop to his head, if not GG,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments.

Apart from that, another netizen also raised the question of why there was a “CCTV [facing] the neighbours’ house”.

In response to that, another netizen commented, “hdb should should allow all to install cam outside to deter such behavior”.

Man Still Continued to Slam Gate

However, despite the broken rod at the neighbour’s gate, it seems like he still has yet to learn his lesson.

Just yesterday (10 June), Kay Ling uploaded another clip to TikTok showing the same man continuing to swing his unit’s metal gate towards his neighbour’s unit.

The metal gate still had a missing rod.

In the caption, Kay Ling wrote in Chinese, “Some people just don’t believe in karma…”

In the comments section, netizens speculated the reason behind the man’s continuous actions.

Some users joked that the man needed a life partner, while others brought up the possibility of him being hearing-impaired and not being able to hear how loud he was.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@lingo6kl)