M’sian Pretended to be an Aesthetic Doctor in S’pore to Perform Cosmetic Procedures


After pretending to be a licenced aesthetic doctor in Singapore when she had no licence, a Malaysian woman was charged in court yesterday (6 December) for her actions.

The “doctor” in question, 32-year-old Chen Xinyi (Hanyu pinyin), is currently facing four charges under the Medical Registration Act.

Here’s what happened.

Handled 4 Customers Within 2 Days

While working as an unlicensed aesthetic doctor, Chen took in four customers from 6 pm on 27 July to 9.30 am on 28 July at her “office”, a condominium unit along River Valley Road. The unit belonged to a condominium that did not have any lifts.

She performed various cosmetic procedures on her clients, such as thread embedding in their jaws and noses, as well as double eyelid surgery.

Need More Time to Prepare Relevant Documents

In court, the prosecution pointed out that the authorities would prosecute Chen for two of the four charges.

However, more time would be needed for the relevant documents and case to be prepared thoroughly.

Hence, the prosecution requested for the hearing of the case to be adjourned.

Additionally, although the total number of customers Chen handled and the fees she charged were not disclosed in court, the prosecution recommended a short jail term for Chen.

The judge approved the request to adjourn the hearing, and Chen is now expected to plead guilty in court on 20 December.

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According to the Medical Registration Act, “a person must not practise medicine or do any act as a medical practitioner unless the person is registered under this Act and has a valid practising certificate”.

For each charge, Chen may be jailed for up to 12 months, fined up to $100,000, or both if found guilty of practising medicine without a valid certificate.

After the initial conviction, individuals who end up with a second or subsequent conviction may be penalised with imprisonment of up to two years, a fine of up to $200,000, or both.

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