M’sian Worker Wants to Quit His $3,400/Month Job As There’s Nothing Much to Do


While most of us have probably wished at some point in time that our boss would stop giving us so much work to do, it seems like that isn’t the case at all for one guy.

Recently, Facebook user Kenji Ong shared a post to the 人在狮城漂 (Working in Singapore) Facebook group.

In his post, he wrote that he is considering switching jobs as he “does not know what to do at the office every day”.

He revealed that he only receives around 20 to 30 emails per day, making his eight-hour workday seem to pass by extremely slowly.

Apart from that, he also reminisced about the time when Work-from-Home (WFH) was still in place, and said that he had more free time to do things that he liked after completing his work in two to three hours every day.

And here’s another thing: his job pays $3,400 a month, which is honestly not bad considering the amount of work he puts in on a daily basis.

“Pretending” to Work in Office and its Impacts

In the post, Ong also described his typical workday.


Due to the fact that he has nothing to do at the office, he often ends up pretending to enter data in Microsoft Excel.

And if you’re wondering why he doesn’t just switch on some YouTube or Netflix, it’s because his boss sits right behind him and hence is able to see what’s on his computer screen.

He also said repeatedly that he feels that his job is a waste of time, and that having to sit and do almost nothing for eight hours a day has taken a toll on his mental health as he is so bored.

Additionally, he explained that the office is always silent, making work seem even gloomier on a day-to-day basis.


He also expressed his unhappiness at the need to “put on an act” at the office every day, which has left him exasperated.

Colleagues Apparently Feel the Same

And apparently, he’s not the only one in the company who feels this way.

Based on his recount, his colleagues have also exhibited signs of extreme boredom at the office.

There are colleagues who end up reading their emails “over and over again”, some who zone out and others who end up spending an excessive amount of time in the toilets.

Or maybe they could just all be taking a huge dump lah. But you get the idea.

He even said that his boss ends up watering plants in the office from time to time simply because there is absolutely nothing else to do.

However, despite the dreary working environment, Ong said that his senior colleagues told him to not let anyone know that they are actually very free during office hours, and that he should take a longer time to complete his work.

Work Ends at 5.30 With No OT, But Still Unsatisfied

Ong then proceeded to reveal that his job pays $3,400 a month and that it is “pretty comfortable” with “no stress”.

On top of that, he is not required to work overtime or on weekends, but it seem like even that can’t satisfy our poor bored office worker.

He said that despite the benefits, he does not like to take his own sweet time and drag out the time he takes to his tasks as he feels that it is a “waste of time”.


Due to the lack of stress at work, he also feels less energetic and motivated.

Netizens’ Response

To no one’s surprise, many netizens were shocked at Ong’s attitude towards his job given that it seems like a dream come true for other (lazier, I guess) people.

Others also jokingly asked if his company is still hiring employees, but unfortunately, it is not.

There were also commenters who recalled their similar experiences and expressed their regret at not cherishing their “relaxed” jobs more.

Ong proceeded to add that his job as an admin staff leaves him with a take-home salary of $2,700, which is not considered high as compared to other Malaysians working in Singapore.

In addition to that, Ong is apparently the fourth employee that his company has hired for the position.


The three other ex-employees that came before him all resigned within a few months, but he does not know why.

There were also a handful of netizens who playfully asked him to tell them when he resigns so that they can take his position instead.

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A few hours after he shared the post, Malaysian newspaper China Press reported his story.

Ong then revealed that he posted the story under a fake name in order to protect his identity.

When sharing the link to the story, he said, “I posted (my story) in the morning and (China Press) wrote about it that very afternoon. This is why we don’t dare to use our actual Facebook accounts to talk about how we feel.”


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