HSA Warns Against Coffee Product That Once Caused a Man to Have a 4-Hour Erection

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While it goes without saying that there are always side effects to look out for whenever we consume any sort of health-related product, sometimes the side effects end up taking us by surprise.

At least that was the case for a man who learned it the hard way.


Just yesterday (26 May), the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) released a statement to inform the public about a product that was sold as a “natural” product but included a dangerous ingredient.

Prime Kopi Pejuang 3 in 1, a coffee product that claimed to enhance men’s sexual health with natural ingredients, ended up containing excessive levels of tadalafil, a synthetic ingredient which can be extremely dangerous to consume in some cases.

“Tadalafil is a prescription medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction that should be given only under medical supervision. Inappropriate use of tadalafil is dangerous and can increase the risk of serious adverse effects, including heart attacks, stroke, palpitations, irregular heart rate and priapism,” HSA mentioned in the statement.

For the uninformed, priapism is the term describing painful and prolonged erections. If left untreated, it can cause penile tissue damage and permanent loss of potency.

Users’ Experiences

HSA also revealed that one man who took the product ended up with body aches, chills, migraine, and tightness around the jawline, and was sent to hospital after that.

Another consumer went through around four hours of priapism after consuming the product.

After the authority was informed of the two consumers’ experiences, it conducted tests on the product and revealed that the product was not “natural” and did not contain “high quality herbal ingredients” unlike how it was marketed.


“People who consume the product according to the labelled instructions for use (one sachet daily) could be overdosing on more than 10 times the usual prescribed dose of tadalafil,” the HSA explained.

HSA then released a statement to urge individuals who have bought the product to stop using it immediately and to seek medical attention if they do not feel well.

It also emphasised the importance of making well-informed choices and being mindful when buying any health products online.

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Prior to the authorities being informed about the product, Prime Kopi Pejuang 3 in 1 was sold on e-commerce platforms in Singapore such as Shopee, Lazada and Facebook.

HSA has since contacted these platforms to take down the listings and give warnings to the respective sellers.

“All sellers and suppliers must stop selling or supplying ‘Prime Kopi Pejuang 3 in 1’ immediately. HSA will not hesitate to take stern enforcement actions against anyone who sells and/or supplies products found to be adulterated with potent medicinal ingredients,” HSA announced.

If found guilty of selling or supplying such items, individuals may be prosecuted.

According to HSA, this may result in them being issued up to two years’ imprisonment, a maximum fine of $10,000, or both.

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Featured Image: Health Science Authority