New Website by Gov Provides Real-Time Updates on a Mall’s ‘Crowd Level’

7 April is fast approaching and people are now gearing up to stay at home.

Of course, given that it’s not a complete lockdown, people are still allowed to come out for essential needs.

But if everyone were to go into a crowded mall during this circuit breaking period, it’ll kind of defeat the purpose, right?

Which is why the government has come up with a new idea.

A Website Which Tells You Exactly How Crowded A Mall Is

Malls are now required to have a limit on the number of people within its premises at any given time.

And you probably wouldn’t want to go to a mall only to wait outside in the sweltering heat, or worse, a heavy shower.

A new website called Space Out was launched to let people see how crowded a mall is in real-time.

Image: Space Out

Not only does it show you the level of crowd within the mall, it also shows the trends of a mall so that you can plan your trip properly.

Image: Space Out

Supposed To Help S’poreans To Stay Out As Short As Possible

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) are the geniuses behind this ingenious app.

And the reason they developed this app is to let Singaporeans plan when and where they can visit the mall to get their essential items while maintaining safety distancing.

“This helps the public make informed choices on where and when to make their essential purchases and maintain safe distancing.”

The interactive map, URA says, will help Singaporeans make their way to less crowded malls, or put off their trip if they see that the mall’s capacity is full.

It’s Not Complete Yet

But it will be.

URA says that crowd levels are derived “based on the data from retail malls on shopper traffic and the safe distancing guidelines for retail malls by Enterprise Singapore (ESG)”.

And not everyone has joined this initiative yet.

Image: URA

But they said they’ll continue working on inviting more mall operators to join and provide information for more malls on the website “progressively”.

It’s Not The Only Real-Time Map

While the Government is strongly advising us to stay at home, PM Lee said that in addition to buying food and groceries, residents can also go out to exercise in the neighbourhood parks, as long as we keep a safe distance from others.

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Before you head out for your exercise, you can now track crowd levels in real-time with an interactive webpage developed by NParks.

Image: NParks

You can find out more here.

As my handsome colleague, Shawn Ambrose said, “The authorities are giving us all the tools to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Now, it’s just up to us to use them.”


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