Man Abandoned Wife During Flood to Save Mother So Wife Leaves Home in Disgust


Last Updated on 2020-01-13 , 3:45 pm

You know how we’ve always been joking about whether a man will save his wife or his mother? We always thought it’s a rhetorical question, but to this man, it’s not.

Man placed in a literal situation where he had to choose between his mother or his wife

According to Shanghaiist, a man named Gao in Daxian village was placed in this impossible situation when heavy flood waters came pouring into his village.


When he was leaving for work, he received a message from the local meteorological observatory about possible heavy rainstorms. He made his way back to the village to check up on his mother who was living alone. After waiting outside her house for three hours in his truck, he returned home.

He made his choice

At midnight, his wife heard warnings of incoming floodwaters from the village and woke him up. Immediately, he rushed to his mother’s place to ensure her safety.


After ensuring her safety, he made his way back home only to find the front door blocked to prevent water from rushing in. He instructed his wife to bring the children and his disabled father up to the roof while he made his way back to his mother’s residence.

The aftermath

Luckily, his entire family was safe. His wife managed to pull the kids and father up onto the roof while he tended to his mother. The flood waters soon left the village, and so did his wife.


She left with their two-year-old son, four-year-old daughter and 2,000 yuan in cash. Gao acknowledged that he has disappointed his wife greatly and said that in the heat of the moment, he wasn’t sure who he should save first.

“She’s a good wife with a strong personality and always takes good care of my parents,” Gao said “I can’t imagine what went through her mind when I went straight for my mother,” he continued. “Abandoning my mother would be reprehensible, but leaving my wife behind would be unacceptable as well. I know she must be so disappointed in me.”

He added that he will be visiting his in-laws to beg for her forgiveness but doubted his chances for success.


Netizens comments

Netizens on Weibo shows support for his wife.

“We should put ourselves in his wife’s shoes. She saved not only their children, but also HIS FATHER as well, while he only had his mother’s best interests in mind! If I were her, I would definitely leave him as well.” “A weak woman was left behind to pull her children and her husband’s disabled father to the rooftop. It’s no wonder she left him. Who would want a husband who you can’t rely on in dangerous circumstances?”

Some netizens also wondered why he did not bring his mother back home if he knew that a flood might happen.

“I think the man was really foolish. Why did he stay in his truck for three hours? He could have just moved his mom to a safe place and then gone back to take care of his wife and children in those three hours!”

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