S’pore Man Who “Abused” Bintan Hotel Staff Spoke Out & is Seeking Legal Advice


Last Updated on 2023-06-08 , 10:07 am

There are always two sides to a story.

Earlier this week, a Singaporean man was “exposed” for his abusive attitude towards some staff members at a hotel in Bintan.

Now, he has taken to online news sites and TikTok to explain his side of the story in a bid to clear his name.

Here is what the man has to say.

Man Who Was Filmed Being Abusive to Bintan Hotel Staff Speaks Up

The protagonist of a video showing a man being abusive and pointing his finger threateningly at staff in a Bintan hotel has reached out to Stomp to tell his side of the story.

@dan_wilk Singaporean abuse hotel staff in Bintan, due to his mother getting lost at night and the hotel providing duty of care. Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel #singaporean #indonesia #abuse #abusive #takeadvantage #mothership #mothershipsg #bintan #ship #hotel #makeascene #fypシ #fypviralシ #fyp #youtube #facebook #instagram #tittok #sg #sgtiktok #singapore #scene #complaint #yelling #yell ♬ original sound – wilkinson310 – Dan

@dan_wilk Singaporean abuse hotel staff in Bintan, due to his mother getting lost at night and the hotel providing duty of care. Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel #singaporean #indonesia #abuse #abusive #takeadvantage #mothership @wilkinson310 #mothershipsg #bintan #ship #hotel #makeascene #fypシ #fypviralシ #fyp #youtube #facebook #instagram #tittok #sg #sgtiktok #singapore #scene #complaint #yelling ♬ original sound – wilkinson310 – Dan

According to Stomp, the man called himself “Mask Crusader” and emailed the online publication to give readers “a more complete and accurate picture of what happened”.

Mask Crusader shares that he posted a video of what actually happened on his TikTok account and has “lodged a police report on the matter”.

TikTok Videos Posted by the Man in the Middle of the Conflict

The TikTok account Mask Crusader linked was under the account @maskcrusader6.

There is a total of four videos on the account.

One of the videos consists of a montage of photographs pieced together in a short nine-second video. The photos show a tall Caucasian man with an Asian woman wearing a pink dress.

@maskcrusader6The busybody couple who secretly filmed others and got abusive after being caught.♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

In one of the photos, the Caucasian man appears to be pointing a middle finger.

Image: TikTok (@maskcrusader6)

Another video posted on the same account appears to have the same set of images stitched into a video, though this time, the middle finger is censored by a red heart.


Looks like there is a kid-friendly version and an explicit version of the same thing.

Interestingly enough, both videos have garnered around the same number of views, within the 4,000 to 5,000 range.

What caught our attention, however, is a juicy two-minute-long video that has since wracked up 51.1k views.

@maskcrusader6 Busybodies turn nasty after getting caught secretly filming others and harassing Singaporean family online. A #police report has been made and investigations are ongoing. #sgtiktok #tiktoksg🇸🇬 #mothership #trending #vulgar #busybody#singapore#sgfyp #fyp #sgnews #sgfyp #WMAF #foryou #foryoupage #sgincidents ♬ original sound – elonmask

In the video, a man can be heard challenging the Caucasian man and the Asian lady.


The man can be heard asking the couple if they “want to get involved [in his conflict with the hotel staff]”.

He sounds angry, saying that “she was shouting back at me”. The captions on the screen say that the hotel had “woken guests up at 3 am even though old lady had returned to room”.

Image: TikTok (@maskcrusader6)

The Asian lady, who is standing slightly behind the tall Caucasian man in what appears to be a defensive person, says that “You have children, we also have children”, and calls the man filming “selfish”.

Two young children can be seen seated on a sofa in the background of the video.

The man filming takes offence at being called “selfish”. He walks towards the couple while continuing to film.

During this time, an old lady can be heard in the background, saying in Chinese that it is “none of your business”. Her words are directed at the Asian woman and the Caucasian man.

Image: TikTok (@maskcrusader6)

The old lady repeatedly says that the couple has no business interfering, to which the Asian woman responds that they were “waiting for breakfast anyway”.

To this, the man in the midst of this conflict disputes the breakfast excuse. He shares with Stomp that the family was “not in the hotel lobby for breakfast”, as was said.

Clarifying that “breakfast is served in the Piano Lounge which is in a separate building beside the hotel”, Mask Crusader speculates that “it is also the reason why they eventually left the hotel to ‘go for breakfast’ as you can see from my video”.

Back to the video. The couple tries to walk away from Mask Crusader in a bid to de-escalate the situation though this is futile as Mask Crusader continues to walk towards them, proclaiming that “this is none of your business but you want to get involved”.

At this stage, a hotel staff walks into the frame and tries to calm both sides down as tensions run high.


As Mask Crusader continues to challenge the couple, the staff can be heard pleading with him to stop. A male staff says, “no, no, no, please, please”, as he places his palms together in a praying motion.

Image: TikTok (@maskcrusader6)

The couple continues to walk away from Mask Crusader as he righteously proclaims “right” again and again.

The couple eventually walks to the front desk of the hotel to speak to the staff.

Mask Crusader then shouts, “you want to hit me as well?” and the Asian woman turns to look at him. Again, he asks them if they “want to get involved” in the situation even though it has “nothing to do with you”.

The hotel staff again tried to intervene and could be heard saying “please” in the background.

Eventually, the Asian woman walks away to pick up her two children, who were sitting on a sofa in the hotel lobby.

As they make the family makes their way out of the hotel lobby, Mask Crusader is heard saying, “I only raised my voice because I asked them to go away, but they refused to go away.”

He continues by saying that if anyone “is to be blamed”, it is the “hotel manager” for “waking everyone up at 3 am”.


At this point in time, nobody seems to be paying much attention to the solo tirade by Mask Crusader. The Asian woman can be heard saying that they are going to “makan” (which means “eat” in Malay) with her kids.

She is then heard saying that she does not want to be involved in “shit” anymore. The on-screen captions say that the woman is a “busybody” who “claims not to want to be involved” in the business of others when “caught secretly recording”.

Image: TikTok (@maskcrusader6)

Mask Crusader shouts after them to “have your vacation and don’t poke your nose in other people’s business”.

The video then claims that the Caucasian man cussed Mask Crusader out with an F-word and that the hotel owner “smashes” a phone and “threatens to punch guest for recording” in a dramatic closing to the video.

The caption of the video says that a “police report has been made and investigations are ongoing”.

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Bintan Hotel Owner Is Allegedly a Singaporean

Continuing on to the last point about the hotel owner, another video posted on Mask Crusader’s TikTok account appears to shed some light on this hotel owner.

The video follows the same format of a montage of pictures stitched together to form a video.

The caption of this video reads, the “rude and arrogant Singaporean owner of Doulos Phos Hotel in Bintan who insisted a power outage was not their responsibility and then woke their guests up at 3 am for a non-emergency “out of concern” despite being asked not to disturb”.

Oh, so the hotel was owned by a Singaporean? Mask Crusader did not give further details as to how he knew this.

By now, you should have been able to tell that the man accused of being abusive was deeply disgruntled by the hotel staff disrupting his beauty sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

Here is a quick video explaining the situation, and why people might have subconsciously made judgement about Mark Crusader early in the saga.

Sharing more about the hotel owner, Mask Crusader told Stomp that the hotel owner “had smashed my phone out of my hands when I tried to take a video of his aggressive behaviour when I decided to check my family out the next morning”.

Then, the hotel staff “had to intervene and usher him into his office and apologised for his rude behaviour”. They also acknowledged to Mask Crusader that “they could have waited till the next morning to inform me about my mum’s wandering around instead of insisting on waking my entire family up when she’s already safely back in her room”.

Mask Crusader’s mum was wandering around due to a “medical condition” that she had, which the hotel was allegedly aware of.

The hotel had also apparently shared such confidential details with the Caucasian man, which was then shared with the public without Mask Crusader’s consent. In relation to this, Mask Crusader states that he was “seeking legal advice on this disclosure”.