Man Accidentally Swallowed His Airpod Earpiece, Pooped It Out & Claimed It Still Works

Image: Mohd Syis Zulkipli / / Apple Daily

The Airpod is a contentious piece of technology.

It well departs from usual convention; the tried and truly-tested method of delivering sound and frequencies via a cord.


That the cord is non-existent also sparks joy when you realize it does away with the rocket-science of trying to unravel decades-old tangle which inevitably leads to some amount of frustration and tears.


On the flipside, the AirPod, unhinged and untethered as it is, presents itself as a potential mainstay in many a lost and found corner, be it in pairs or as a soul (sole) -seeking individual pining for its now forever-lost half.

It’s presumably a so darned common occurrence that there’s a Q&A section solely dedicated to finding your lost AirPods.

As the man found out though, a lost AirPod brings with it a silver lining, just not quite what you might expect, for there’s no silver-wiry metal in a non-existent cord.

By Right, A Missing Airpod

According to World Of Buzz (WOB), a man hailing from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, woke up one morning to a reality which proved the AirPods naysayers were right all along.

The man, going by the surname Xu, had fallen asleep the night before with his AirPods in his ears.

The next morning, he realised that his right AirPod was lost.

Using the Find My iPhone app to locate his missing Airpod, a beeping sound could be heard in his vicinity – but he wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly the AirPod’s location.

After much soul-searching, he grasped the horrible truth that the beeping sound was emitting from his very body.

Despite not feeling even an ounce of discomfort, he sensibly proceeded to the doctor and was promptly subjected to an X-ray after explaining his predicament.

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Does this count as X-Ray sir?

Lo and behold, the X-ray proved beyond doubt that the right AirPod was indeed on its very own Journey To The South in Xu’s very own rendition of Your Body is a Wonderland.

Gastric Juice, You Hold No Sway

While Xu was not experiencing any discomfort, it wasn’t as if his body was a storeroom or a mama shop. 

I.e, it should not be holding any other than organic materials.

He was tasked to consume laxative and to pay attention to his own wastes in hopes that the Airpod would be excreted.

In other words, what a waste.

Lost & Found

The very next day, he spotted his missing pal amidst his presumably soft stool and did what all men/women would have done.

Washed it – presumably after picking it up with his hands, sans glove or protective contraptions or not.

And here’s a picture of Xu (rumours have it that if you find a missing AirPod, your face will become pixellated) displaying his oddly-triumphant find.

Image: Apple Daily

If you can’t tell nor smell, the AirPod looks to be sludge-covered, quite what that was would be a guess for which yours is as good as mine.

-Editor walks over to mop up my pile of vomit-

More importantly, though, Xu triumphantly announced the AirPod was back in pristine factory-setting working condition just after a good wash.


Meanwhile, Goody Feed has not reached out to Apple for a comment and will not be updating the article should there not be any response from Apple.

Peace Out.