Man Allegedly Sues Uber for SGD$68m Because They Unmasked his Mistress to His Wife


Last Updated on 2017-08-17 , 1:43 pm

A Frenchman from Côte d’Azur in the south of France, sued Uber for €45m (SGD$68m), claiming that the app sent notifications of his Uber trips to his wife’s phone, revealing his adulterous trips.

The man had apparently logged into his wife’s phone once to book an Uber, and had logged out afterwards. Unfortunately, the app had bugged out, and continued to send his trip information to his wife’s phone, sparking suspicions as to what he was doing.

Or rather, “who” he was “doing”.

Which the wife then found out (spoiler: it wasn’t her), leading to divorce. The man then proceeded to sue Uber for causing him problems in his private life, for the exorbitant amount detailed above. As of now, the case is still underway.

According to Uber, this bug affects users of iOS versions older than December 2015. I’d normally strongly recommend an upgrade, but it seems this time the ancient device worked in her favour, uncovering her husband’s lies.

Honestly, it seems the man does have a point. The bug in the app did cause him unnecessary trouble in his private life, which appears to warrant reparations from Uber. This is, of course, not considering how he’s a lying, cheating ass.

As loathe as I am to say it, he might actually win the case.

Seriously, though, if you’re gonna cheat, remember to update your phone, and please, please don’t use your spouse’s phone for things like this. You’re literally asking for it.

Wait. That seems like the wrong message to send (unlike the notifications Uber sent to the wife! Ayyyy). Let me try again.

Seriously, though, if you’re gonna cheat, don’t do it, you prick. Also, update your phone.

There, much better.

Note: it’s entirely a coincidence that we’re talking about this today, on Valentine’s Day. I most definitely did not pick this topic out of resentment for the obviously single-hating ‘holiday’ day of love and affection.

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