Man Thought He Was Buying iPhone 7 in Lazada But Received an iPhone-Shaped Table Instead


Shopping online definitely makes things more convenient, but it also means taking the risk of not getting the exact product that you want.

Especially if you don’t read the description properly.

A man in Thailand learnt to never make this mistake again after he received a product that was completely different from what he thought he had purchased.

Ordered an iPhone 7 But Got Something Else Instead

According to Oriental Daily, the unnamed man claimed that he had ordered an iPhone 7 on the e-commerce platform Lazada.

However, what he received was instead 50 times the size of what he had supposedly ordered.

And that’s because he had unknowingly purchased a table resembling the shape and appearance of an iPhone 7.

Facepalm moment.


Did Not Check the Description of Purchase

If you are wondering how one can make such a drastic mistake, so are we.

The man admitted that he had wondered why the cost of shipping was so expensive and it was only when he received a giant package that he realised he had made a huge mistake.

Apparently, he had not bothered to check the description of his purchase before checking out.

Granted, we have all missed a few things here and there in the description, only to have a different product showing up at our doorstep.

But the shipping cost of a table and an iPhone surely differ by a lot.

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Table is Actually Functional and Looks Good

Fortunately for the man, his mistaken purchase turns out to be one that is both functional and aesthetic.

According to an Instagram post by a Korean online store that sells interesting household furniture and accessories, the desk is big enough for adults to use, with the entire top surface resembling the look of an iPhone 7.

From the faux display to the home button, everything about the table is proportioned accurately. There is even a drawer that slides out from between the lines that are supposed to make up the phone’s “antennae”.

Okay, so maybe we will give the man a pass because this table really does resemble a legit iPhone.

Checking the account’s official website, it appears as if the desk can be purchased at around S$310 (KRW310,000).

Well, the end result of this incident doesn’t seem to be too bad when compared to others who have paid loads only to receive nothing at all.

But lest you receive a shock when a totally different product is delivered to your house, maybe check the description before checking stuff out of your cart.

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Featured Image: Oriental Daily + Instagram (your10x10)


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