Man Clings Onto Windscreen Of Wife’s Lover’s Car For 28 Minutes; Driver Jailed

We have all watched movies and drama series where the plot involves a lady acting all suspicious around her husband, only to find out that she’s been cheating on him the entire time they were married.

The reasons usually vary and the husband almost always finds out about it eventually. He then goes on to either cry about it and beg his wife not to go, or he gets angry and beats the living shit out of his wife’s lover.

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This man, however, did things differently.

Pure love or pure anger? We’ll let you decide on this one.

The Back Story

A man long suspected his wife of cheating on him, so as a way of checking if it was true, he and his friend decided to follow his wife and her alleged lover, Desmond Koh Wee Boon, to Fragrance Hotel located in Kovan at Upper Serangoon Road on 28 April 2018 at around 3.10am.

When they went into the hotel, the man hid in the back alley while his friend stayed in his car right in front of the hotel.

After waiting for one to two hours, he finally spotted his wife and Koh walk out of the hotel and enter a car along Sireh Place.

The Action

He quickly approached the lover and started banging on his windscreen and side window with his hands, demanding both of them to alight.

Koh drove off instead.

With the man clinging onto his car door.

He yelled at Koh to stop the car, but of course, he didn’t and continued driving about 40m down Sireh Place.

As he turned left into Kampong Sireh, the man was flung from the car onto the ground.

Koh’s car had to stop behind a stationary car, so this gave the man ample time to recover from his fall and run back to Koh’s car.

That’s some determination right there.

He climbed onto the bonnet of Koh’s car and made sure he got a good grip by clinging onto the top of the windscreen, with his body covering part of the windscreen.

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When the car in front of Koh moved off, he drove off too with the man still hanging onto his windscreen.

Is that Jackie Chan or what?

Koh drove for 250m to the SingTel building at Upper Serangoon Road before the man’s wife alighted and begged her husband to get off the car, but the man refused.

So Koh decided that the next course of action was to continue driving. He drove along Upper Serangoon Road, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Lorong Ah Soo, Hougang Avenue 3, and Defu Lane 10.

I’m surprised he could even see the road ahead with the man’s body partially covering his windscreen. 

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Between Upper Serangoon Road and Defu Lane 10, a Grab driver, Lim Seng Huat, and his passenger noticed the man clinging onto the windscreen and banging on the roof of Koh’s car.

The man saw Lim and the passenger and yelled for them to call the police, which the passenger later did.


As Koh continued to drive, Lim and his passenger followed. The passenger also realised that Koh drove at a high speed and applied intermittent braking to try to fling the man off his car. He also beat red traffic lights.

Koh drove back to Upper Serangoon Road, past Serangoon MRT and NEX Shopping Mall, into Serangoon Avenue 2. He then drove into the carpark of an HDB estate.

Despite having plans to intercept Koh at the carpark’s exit, they ultimately left a while later due to safety concerns.

At around 3.38am, the police finally located Koh and stopped him in front of Block 323 Serangoon Avenue 3.

Koh got out of the vehicle and was interviewed by police officers. The man also got off the vehicle and was held back by police officers.


The man’s wife and his friend arrived shortly after. When his wife asked if he was alright, he scolded her and asked her why she “did not care for him first”.

The Arrest And Subsequent Court Hearing

Both of them were subsequently arrested.

At about 3.55am, while they were still being detained by the police, the man fainted from hyperventilation and was brought to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. According to their investigations, Koh travelled at least a distance of 7km and a total of about 28 minutes with the man clinging onto the front of his car.

The man was reportedly not investigated for any offence.

Deputy Public Prosecutor David Lee asked for a three-month jail term for Koh and a driving disqualification of two years.


Koh’s lawyer, Peter Keith Fernando, asked for a fine of $1,500, claiming that his client had been ‘overwhelmed by fear’. The man supposedly used an object to hit the side of the window of Koh’s car and acted aggressively before climbing onto the bonnet.

“Desmond committed the offence for the sole purpose of extricating himself from an escalating situation for fear of his own safety,” said Fernando.

He reasoned that the man had multiple instances to get off of the vehicle because Koh’s car was stationary, but he chose not to.

However, DPP Lee disagreed that a weapon was used, and added that Koh did not care about the man’s safety when he decided to brake intermittently.

District Judge Christopher Goh noted that Koh drove fast while someone was clinging onto the front of his car and the distance travelled was quite long (7km, for goodness’ sake).


Koh’s braking also increased the danger for everyone and that if he was overwhelmed with fear, he could have simply stopped the car.

As a result, Koh was jailed for 11 weeks and disqualified from driving for 24 months. He pleaded guilty to one count of rash act endangering human life with another count of a similar nature taken into consideration for sentencing.

Let’s hope that Koh learns his lesson and the man doesn’t put his life in danger once again.

You can always love again, but once your life is gone, you’re really gone.

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