Man Confronts Uncle Who’s Burning Joss Paper & Tried Shaming Him Online But Failed Pretty Badly

Image: Screengrab from Legit Singapore Facebook Page


Singapore is a multicultural country with different religions living in relative peace.

But that doesn’t stop the occasional tensions rising from time to time.

Like this incident.

Man Annoyed By Burning of Joss Paper

As we all know, a religion requires people to burn joss paper as offerings on several occasions.

And most of the time, our neighbours simply tahan the smoke and smell because, well, live and let live, right?

But on 12 Feb 2019, an incident happened.

An uncle was burning joss paper in a bin at 2 am in the morning.

However, while he was in the midst of doing so, an angry resident came down to confront the uncle.


Why Couldn’t You Burn It Elsewhere?

According to the angry resident, the smoke caused his kids to cough and wake up in the early morning.

“You can burn it somewhere else, not in front of a person’s house.”

When the uncle tried to explain his stance, that he was told not to move the metal bins previously, the resident wasn’t hearing any of it.

He told the uncle to use “a little of (his) brain” and common sense and said the burning was responsible for his children’s coughing.

Finally, the resident tried to reach a compromise with the uncle.

“You should put out the fire.”

To which, the uncle ask, then how is that praying?

I Will Make You Famous Online

After arguing for a while, the resident decided that it’s better to cut his losses and go.

But not before making a promise.

“Thank you very much, I think there’s no point talking to you ok, this thing is going on social media. You’re going to be very popular.”

“Let’s see whose side they are on, good night.”

Unfortunately, He Got Famous Instead

It’s nice to know that Singaporeans today are a reasonable bunch.

Because (unsurprisingly), a majority of the netizens out there aren’t keen to take the resident’s side.

There are some who pointed out that the problem can be easily resolved.

While others felt that the guy wasn’t really in the right.


Some even wanted to get “revenge” for the uncle.

“Can someone enlighten me where is this place, tonight I go buy joss papers n purposely burn there. I wanna see what this <blurred out> can do to me. Limpeh make sure uncle burn how much, i burn 10 times more !”

By the way, sentiments appreciated but please don’t do that. That’s harassment.

But this person said this the best.

Singapore boleh.


There’s a reason why Singlish has Hokkien, Mandarin, Malay and sometimes, Indian words all mixed up into one beautiful English dialect, no?

Live and let live, brother.

Here’s the video if you want to see the argument yourself:

**All images from Legit Singapore Facebook Page unless otherwise stated.


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